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Training Accessories

Speedo Competition Nose Clip
$5.24 $6.99 25% Off
UNISEX NOSE CLIP Stay focused on your stroke and not leaks with this competition-level nose clip, made from soft and lightweight silicone. -Lightweight and waterproof competition nose clip has a secure and comfortable fit -TPR nose pads for comfort -Adjustable stainless steel frame -Low profile fit
Speedo Silicone Ear Plugs
$5.24 $6.99 25% Off
Keep water out of your ears with these effective ear plugs designed to fit comfortably, thanks to soft silicone construction. -Includes two (2) sets of ear plugs – 4 reusable plugs with carrying case -Molds to fit ear -Blocks water flow into ears -100% Silicone
Speedo Silicone Ear Plugs - Kid's
$6.74 $8.99 25% Off
KIDS SWIM ACCESSORY Protect their ears from water with the silicone plugs from this four-piece set, sized down for mini swimmers. -Four bright fun colors come with an easy to use plastic storage case -Helps keep water out of the ears -PVC Free
Speedo Team Pull Buoy
$12.75 $17.00 25% Off
SWIM PERFORMANCE ACCESSORY Swimmers at any level can benefit from incorporating a pull buoy into their training. This durable foam tool helps improve stroke technique and alignment while increasing upper body strength. -Product Dimensions: 7 x 9 x 2 inches -Elevates hips and legs to the proper streamline body position -Allows the swimmer to focus on stroke technique and rotation -Improves upper body strength
Speedo Training Paddles
$11.24 $14.99 25% Off
SWIM FITNESS ACCESSORY Swimmers and fitness lovers at every level can benefit from these traditional paddles for stroke improvement and increased upper body strength. -Traditional paddles for all-purpose use -Great for developing stroke technique and upper body strength -Paddle square design increases the surface area of the user's hand, thus providing more resistance for better training -Perfect for all swimming levels and can also be used for aquatic fitness and resistance exercises
MyFloat myFloat
The myFLOAT is an inflatable dry bag for beach swimming that easily attaches to you and keeps your stuff dry. No drag in the water. Highly visible to watercraft. Always with you in case of emergency* *The myFLOAT is not a certified safety device. However, swimmers and snorklers find it useful to use it for extra buoyancy in the water.
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