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Therm-Ic Ultra Heat Boost Heated Mitts - Men's
$367.49 $524.99 30% Off
The Ultra Heat Boost Mittens Men are heated ski mittens for men, designed to distribute heat 360° around the fingers. The two batteries included provide up to 10 hours of warmth.
Swix Kylo Beanie - Unisex
$24.49 $34.99 30% Off
Keep your head warm with this 100% acrylic itch-free comfortable sports beanie with Norwegian snowflake patterns and colour-coordinated tassle. Equipped with a self-liner, this unisex casual beanie can be worn everywhere for all conditions. One Size
Swix Logo Beanie - Unisex
$37.49 $49.99 25% Off
Swix logo beanie is a thick and warm hat that sits snuggly on the head. Made with 50% Merino wool and is stretchy, providing secure insulation and warmth. The hat features the Swix logo at the front in 3M® reflective thread that glows in the dark. Nice and warm, while providing high visibilities. One Size
Swix Surmount Beanie - Unisex
$41.99 $59.99 30% Off
Surmount beanie is a Merino blend beanie with a bobble and a large jacquard Swix logo. It is made on a circular knitting machine, so there is no side seam. The hat is double-layered and there is no extra lining or turn-up. One Size
Swix Tista Neck Warmer - Unisex
The Tista neck warmer is a thin neck warmer that matches nicely with the Tista hat and headband. Great for keeping your neck well protected from the snow during winter activities. One Size
Swix Tista Pony Tail - Unisex
$20.99 $29.99 30% Off
The Tista Pony Tail beanie is a versatile garment that will keep you comfortable in the most coldest of temperatures, no matter the activity, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, skating or simply for a morning power walk. Fits snuggly on the forehead with a stretch spandex content and also includes a hole in the back for a pony tail to comfortably slip through. One Size
Swix Tradition Hat - Unisex
$34.99 $49.99 30% Off
Swix’s Tradition hat is an upgraded version of their best-seller from the past several years. While the wool-acrylic mix remains the same, the fit has been further perfected. One Size
Sugoi Firewall Skull Cap - Unisex
The perfect beannie for the coldest days. This softshell protective cap blocks the wind and keeps you warm in harsh weather conditions. One Size
Sugoi Leg Cooler - Unisex
Those legs Cooler are perfect when you will need to cool down. Lightweight leg cooler provides UPF 50+ sun protection and cooling fabric, with comfortable grippers to ensure they stay locked in place.
Sugoi MidZero Arm Warmer - Unisex
Cozy, mid weight thermal arm sleeve for adjustable coverage, for cold starts and changing conditions, that stow easily when not in use.
Sugoi MidZero Knee Warmer - Unisex
Sugoi's midZero knee warmers provide added thermal protection and arm easily stored as your temperature rises. Prefect for cool temperatures in the fall and spring.
Sugoi MidZero Leg Warmer - Unisex
Take your mid-weight thermal leg for your next ride. These mid-weight thermal leg protection with a superior multi-panel ergonomic design. Sugoi used their technology MidZero which is a full-stretch, moisture-wicking midweight with a base layer fleeced on the inside for an amazing comfort.
Sugoi Midzero 2 Tuke - Unisex
$31.49 $44.99 30% Off
This is the perfect thermal headwear for cold training days. A snug and secure fit that will guarantee the success of you high-output sessions. The MidZero is a full-stretch, moisture-wicking midweight fabric with a fleeced inside for comfort. One Size
Sugoi Midzero Headwarmer - Unisex
$20.99 $29.99 30% Off
Classic fleeced headband with minimal bulk. MidZero is a full-stretch, moisture-wicking midweight base layer with a fleeced inside for amazing comfort. One Size
Sugoi Midzero Thermal Tube - Unisex
Technical neck and face coverage for winter exertion. A MidZero is a full-stretch, moisture-wicking midweight base layer with a fleeced inside for amazing comfort One Size
Sugoi Winter Cycling Hat - Unisex
Protect your head from the unpredictable weather with this cycling hat. Made from lightweight technical fabrics, this classic cycling cap keeps you visible on the road thanks to highly reflective accents on the visor. One Size
Sugoi Zap Arm Sleeves - Unisex
Ride safely and stay bright with those Zap arms Sleeves. Lightweight arm sleeves offered in black with the addition of Zap reflective visibility to keep you seen. Made with FinoStretch material for supportive stretch comfortpaneled with Zap reflectivity for high visibility.
Sugoi Zap Knee Warmers - Unisex
Now, the cold temperatures won't stop you. This essential MidZero knee warmers for thermal protection with added Zap reflective visibility.
Sugoi Zap Leg Warmers - Unisex
When temperatures will drop, take your leg warmers and ride. Sugoi's essential MidZero leg warmer with the addition of visibility for low light ride conditions. For more safety, Zap Tech has been added to offer illumination through millions of micro-glass lenses that will light up at night when the artificial light hit
Sugoi Zap Training Gloves - Unisex
The MidZero fabric offers comfort and supportive stretch. Midweight thermal warmth and explosive visibility for your hand. On the upper we added a Zap Tech fabric that offers illumination through millions of micro-glass lenses that light up at night when hit with artificial light.
Sugoi Zap Training Tuke - Unisex
$34.99 $49.99 30% Off
Discover our Zap training tuke. Sugoi's mid-weight tuque keeps your head warm with safe Zap Tech reflectivity. We used a MidZero fabric for supportive stretch and comfort. safety. One Size
Sugoi Zap Wind Mitts - Unisex
You will earn even more warmth with these ZapTech mitts. Great fitting training mitt provides plenty of added visibility with Sugoi's reflective Zap Tech™ fabric, while keeping your hands toasty warm.
Smartwool Cozy Cabin Hat - Unisex
$27.99 $39.99 30% Off
As its name would suggest, the Cozy Cabin Hat is just the right accessory for winter in the woods, whether you’re out enjoying the snow or inside beside a crackling fire. It’s a double-layered hat, so you already know it’s warm; the Merino wool makes it even more soft and cozy. This hat might seem understated, but it’s so much more than meets the eye. One Size
Smartwool Creek Run Beanie - Unisex
$31.49 $44.99 30% Off
Smartwool's Creek Run Beanie features a waffle knit texture stitch with a jersey knit interior and a ribbed cuff. It's the perfect men's and women's hat for cozy days indoors and casual exploring outside.
Smartwool Intraknit Thermal Merino Balaclava - Unisex
They say you lose most of your body heat through your head. Even if that’s a myth, it’s better safe than sorry. That’s why this balaclava is a great choice for your cold-weather adventures. A new addition to our Intraknit™ collection, it's made with a blend of Merino wool and polyester that will give you comfort and a quick dry. Plus, it's mesh ventilation ensures that you won’t feel stuffy inside. To be prepared for those chilly days, be sure to have this balaclava in your arsenal.
Smartwool Liner Gloves - Unisex
The Liner Glove will let your hands stay warm while still being able to click, swipe, and type, thanks to its touchscreen-compatible thumb and index finger. Plus, it offers a comfy fit and all the benefits of Merino wool + recycled polyester: temperature regulation, moisture management, and durability. Worn on their own or under another pair of gloves or mittens for added warmth and protection, these gloves will keep you cozy in the stands, on a hike, or at the campfire on a cooler night.
Smartwool Merino 150 Beanie - Unisex
$20.29 $28.99 30% Off
The Merino 150 beanie is a lightweight, year-round essential. Run in it, skate ski in it, put it under a helmet for a chilly morning bike commute. Clean seams for a no-bulk fit. Now more durable than ever with new Merino 150 fabric. One Size
Smartwool Merino 250 Cuffed Reversible Beanie - Unisex
$27.99 $39.99 30% Off
With a roll cuff for added warmth over the ears, the Cuffed Beanie is perfect for mild and cold weather activities alike. Made from our Merino 250 baselayer fabric, this hat insulates and moves moisture, keeping you comfortable. One Size
Smartwool Merino 250 Gloves - Unisex
Keeping your neck warm and dry will ensure you stay comfortable in cold, harsh conditions. Made from our NTS Midweight fabric, this 100% Merino wool gaiter features the same soft, comfy feel. They're Unbelievably soft, you'll never want to take them off.
Smartwool Merino Sport Beanie - Unisex
$20.99 $29.99 30% Off
Our lightest-weight Merino jersey fabric is perfect for those chilly spring morning runs when your head needs just a little extra warmth. Our Active Beanie features an engineered Merino-blend fabric designed to maximize comfort and performance, while reflective elements and a UPF 20+ rating helps keep you protected.
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