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GoFit Latex Free Flat Band Kit
The GoFit Latex Free Flat Band Kit consists of 3 flat bands and training manual. Durable, latex-free bands for versatile and effective resistance training to tone and shape your entire body. Perfect for rehab; ideal for pre-game or pre-activity warm up, and stretching. Includes: Three Latex Free Flat Bands and Training Manual Resistance Rating: Light (Gold - 5lb) Medium (Purple - 10lb) Heavy (Green - 15lb) Length: 4ft (˜1.22m) Width: 6in (˜15cm)
GoFit Core Stability Ball
$32.19 $45.99 30% Savings
The GoFit Professional Grade Core Stability Ball is a fun, yet challenging way to stretch, tone and tighten your body. What makes the GoFit Core Stability Ball so challenging? Unlike training on a stable, flat surface, the ball is a round, unstable surface, so you not only train the primary muscle groups, but also the smaller stabilizing muscles as well. The stabilizing muscles are small, yet very important muscle groups primarily used for balance, alignment and posture. The ball total body workout is very efficient, allowing you to see the results you want in a much quicker period of time. Ball Height Recommendations: 65cm (red) - recommended for persons 5'5" to 6' 75cm (silver) - recommended for persons 6' and over As a general rule, the exercise ball should be large enough so that when you sit on it, your knees bend at a 90 degree angle. The Professional Ball has a 2000lb rating* and is ideal for core training routines. Each ball comes with a training DVD, Training Manual, ball plugs and a hand pump to inflate the ball. GoFit Stability Balls are designed for fitness and exercise and are not sold or recommended as any type of chair. GoFit Stability balls are made of PVC plastic and contain no Latex. Proper Stability Ball Size when inflated: 65cm - 81 inches in circumference 75cm - 93 inches in circumference
GoFit GoRope
GoFit’s fully adjustable cable GoRope is a high-performance speed rope, built to handle the intense demands of High Intensity Training. It features precision, smooth-action ball bearings and ergonomic handgrips. The specially-designed connector swivel includes a spring-loaded carabiner for quick and easy jump rope adjustment. The poly-coated steel cable ropes are fully length-adjustable with unique set-screw connectors. The ergonomic handles are durable and lightweight with TPE overmolding for a no-slip, soft grip. GoFit’s GoRope—a High Intensity Training Tool, designed and engineered to get real results. Train. Recover. Repeat. GoFit. • Coated Steel Cable • Spring-loaded carabiner for quick and easy rope adjustment. - Connector swivel with spring-loaded carabiner for quick and easy jump rope adjustment • Set-screw connector makes cable jump rope fully-length-adjustable. • Super-smooth ball bearing spinning action. • Lightweight, ergonomic handle design. - Durable, lightweight handle with no-slip, soft-grip TPE overmold. Size: 4mm Includes: One GoRope
Lole I Glow Yoga Mat 5mm
This iconic Lolë mat proudly bears the brand’s famous colours. Beginner and occasional yogis can strike all the basic yoga poses on this reversible mat made of eco-friendly material. • Signature eyelet • Thickness: 5 mm • Weight: 1.1 kg • Dimensions: 24 in. x 72 in. (61 cm x 183 cm) FABRIC: Equipped with a double layer of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), this yoga mat is tested and certified ecological. • PVC-free • Latex-free • Eco-friendly • Recyclable When subjected to very high temperatures, the eyelet may become warm. Be careful if you use the mat during sessions of hot yoga.
GoFit Gel Hand Grip
$14.99 - $15.99
The GoFit Gel Hand Grip ergonomically fits in your palm and centers your grip pressure into squeezable gel. The ultra-soft-touch resistance strengthens your grip, relieves stress and helps with rehabilitation. Portable and unbreakable, the new GoFit Gel Hand Grip is available in firm and medium resistance levels. Available Resitances: • Medium (Green) • Firm (Red) Includes: One Gel Hand Grip
GoFit GoGrip
GoFit’s GoGrip Stress Reliever helps effectively squeeze-away stress. The simple act of gripping and squeezing the malleable, palm-sized GoGrip, has a calming effect. It helps increase blood flow in the hands and relieves stress. The GoGrip also offers resistance for building grip strength in hand muscles, and increases finger joint flexibility. Apply pressure according to individual comfort level. • Stress Relief, Calming Action, Grip Strength • Ultra ergonomic—squeezes to fit perfectly in the hand, and then reshapes itself back again • Latex-free exterior with non-toxic silicone filler • Compact, PDQ display holds 12 units • Soft “pearl finish” material • Portable and unbreakable • Dimensions: 2" x 4" Includes: One GoGrip Pricing is for one (1) grip. COLOR WILL VARY.
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