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MyFloat myFloat

MyFloat myFloat
  • Color: Orange
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The myFLOAT is an inflatable dry bag for beach swimming that easily attaches to you and keeps your stuff dry. No drag in the water. Highly visible to watercraft. Always with you in case of emergency*

*The myFLOAT is not a certified safety device. However, swimmers and snorklers find it useful to use it for extra buoyancy in the water.

What is best way to pack it?

A. Have the bag empty of air in both chambers (open up the large valves) 
B. pack the bag with fragile items well packed in the middle. Make sure to cover any pointy items that might puncture the bag. Must keep items below the lowest line on roll down lip (approx 1-2cm below the last warning phrase) 
C. When finished packing. Keep trapped air in the bag and roll down bag over the Warning phrases (towards the back of the bag). Then bend the fold around to the front of the bag and snap the buckle closed. So the snap buckle should be facing on the top of bag where the handles are. 
D. Push in the large valves to form watertight seal. Lift up the small two way valve and blow in desired amount of air. Close shut. You can push in either of the valves flush with the bag for a more streamlined float bag - this is optional. 
E. Adjust waist strap. Adjust extension strap to locate the bag evenly near your knees. Too close to the feet and you will kick it, too close to your body and you will be touching it at the finish of your stroke. 
F. Hop in the water and enjoy. If it deflates a bit (due to cold water constriction) you can add air while in the water - the two way valve will prevent air coming out) 
G. When finished - pulling out the large air plugs will help loosen up the bag so you can remove contents.

What are the dimensions of the bag?

Inflated: Length: 50 cm; Height: 19 cm

Flat (no air): Length: 55 cm; Height: 36 cm

What is the max weight recommended?

When carrying the myFLOAT in and out of the water, the weight should not be so heavy that strain is put in the cord attachment repeatedly so that it could cause failure to the attachment. In the water, trapping air in the main compartment prior to closing will give added floatations to heavy loads.

Is it a certified safety device?

The myFLOAT is not a certified safety device. However, swimmers and snorklers find it useful to use it for extra buoyancy in the water.


Example: Swimming with the IFLOAT

Example: View from Boat with the IFLOAT

Example: Putting items into the IFLOAT

Example: Carrying the IFLOAT on land

IFLOAT - Peace of mind for the beach

IFLOAT - Peace of mind for outdoor swimming

IFLOAT - Peace of mind on your boat

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