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Sea to Summit Hook Release Accessory Strap - 10mm/3/8
$10.46 - $11.96 $13.95 - $15.95 Up To 25% Savings
Versatile accessory straps with a lightweight quick release anodised alloy hook buckle
Sea to Summit Alloy Buckle Accessory Strap - 10mm/3/8
$9.71 - $11.21 $12.95 - $14.95 Up To 25% Savings
With buckles made of a lightweight anodised aluminium alloy, these straps will be one of the most versatile items in your gear bag. A few of their uses include strapping gear to roof racks, lashing dry bags together and attaching gear to your pack.
Sea to Summit Compression Sac
$22.46 - $26.21 $29.95 - $34.95 Up To 25% Savings
When you need a durable compression sack this is your go to. A classic design that will help compact the contents of your pack. PRODUCT DETAILS: -Flip-Top-Lid design prevents strap tangling -Made of 70D PU-coated nylon -4 straps for even compression; eliminates bulging -Extra long straps so it's easy to fill these to max capacity -Nylon webbing pull handle on bottom -Note: seams are not tape-sealed; therefore this product is not waterproof - only water resistant
Sea to Summit Evac Dry Sac
$20.24 - $29.96 $26.99 - $39.95 Up To 25% Savings
The eVac™ Dry Sack utilizes 70D lightweight nylon fabric for strength and eVent® waterproof fabric on the base to allow eVac-uation of air for compression. It's an excellent option for storing and compressing clothes and sleeping bags without the use of straps. Just pack the items in, roll the sack down and push the air out to save valuable packing space within your backpack. They're an oval shape, making them perfect for sliding into the contours of your pack and all seams are double stitched and tape-sealed.
Sea to Summit eVent Compression Dry Sac
$26.21 - $31.46 $34.95 - $41.95 Up To 25% Savings
A completely new concept in compression dry bags - there is no valve. This innovation uses an air-permeable base made of eVent® waterproof fabric, which allows air to be pushed out of the sack, but won't allow water to get back in. Suitable to keep contents dry in any wet situation where the bag is not submerged.
Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Sac
$11.96 - $22.46 $15.95 - $29.95 Up To 25% Savings
Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Compression Dry Sack
$26.24 - $41.21 $34.99 - $54.95 Up To 25% Savings
The Ultra-Sil™ Compression Dry Sack is a super lightweight dry sack designed to compress bulky clothing or other squishable gear that lives inside your pack. Made from Ultra-Sil™ 30D CORDURA® Nylon fabric with an eVent® fabric base, the air can be rolled out but can't get back in. It's an ideal option for use inside a backpack during longer lightweight hikes, adventure travels, cycle touring and any activity where you need to maximize pack space by compressing your bulky items to one-third of their volume. It employs waterproof seams, a hypalon roll-top, non-wicking closure and is super lightweight.
Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Compression Sac
$25.46 - $39.71 $33.95 - $52.95 Up To 25% Savings
If you need to compress down your gear into the smallest possible space while adding minimal weight, pack it into Siliconized CORDURA® Brand fabric Compression Sacks. PRODUCT DETAILS: -30D Diamond Ripstop Siliconized CORDURA® -4 straps for even compression -Extra long straps so these sacks can really be filled to capacity -Bar tack reinforced stress points -Pull handle on the bottom -Slippery finish for easy packing -Note: seams are not tape-sealed; therefore this product is not waterproof - only water resistant
Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Dry Sack
$11.21 - $28.46 $14.95 - $37.95 Up To 25% Savings
The Ultra-Sil™ Dry Sack won the sought after Backpacker Editors' Choice award in 2006 and is still the ideal dry sack available for backpacking. Made with lightweight, waterproof 30D Ultra-Sil™ CORDURA® brand fabric it's the perfect choice for modular packing to organize your gear inside your backpack like a pro. With an almost translucent look, visibility of contents is easy, and if you're really organized you'll make use of multiple color options to find things easier. Other features include a non-wicking Hypalon® Roll-top closure, a round base for ease of packing and fully seam sealed for water resistance. An excellent choice for lightweight backpacking, cycle touring and travel.
Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Nano Dry Sack
$13.46 - $31.46 $17.95 - $41.95 Up To 25% Savings
In the age of ultra-lightweight everything Sea to Summit has developed a range of ultra-lightweight dry sacks to save those crucial few grams. Using a 15 denier Sil/PU nylon fabric called Ultra-Sil® Nano, a lightweight side release buckle and a thinner roll top closure has created a dry sack that is 30% lighter than the standard 30 D Ultra-Sil® Dry Sacks! PRODUCT DETAILS: -Ultra-Sil® Nano 15 D nylon fabric for advanced strength to weight performance -Ultra-Sil® Nano has a 1,200mm waterhead -Fully seam-sealed for maximum water-proofness -Reinforced stitching for greater seam strength on all stress points -Hypalon® roll top closure does not wick moisture -Siliconized fabric with a smooth finish for easy packing -Compact and super lightweight with oval base design for easy packing -Keeps contents dry in any wet situation where the bag is not submerged -This product is not intended for boating or marine use - Intended for use inside a bag or backpack
Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Nano Tarp Poncho
$97.46 $129.95 25% Savings
The Ultra-Sil™ Nano™ Poncho is a raincoat, pack cover, groundsheet and tarp all in one. It is made of 15D Ultra-Sil Nano fabric, is super lightweight and packs down incredibly small. This is an ideal solution in temperate climates and can be used as an emergency shelter if needed.
Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Pack Cover
$33.71 - $37.46 $44.95 - $49.95 Up To 25% Savings
The Ultra-Sil™ Pack Cover ends the debate about whether you should carry one or not. It's a tiny and compelling solution and the medium size weighs less a mere 4 ounces. Packs into its own small stuff sack - why wouldn't you carry one? Pro Tip: ?If you stow any gear externally on your pack, Sea to Summit would recommend buying an Ultra-Sil Pack Cover a size larger than normal.
Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Pack Liner
$32.21 - $35.96 $42.95 - $47.95 Up To 25% Savings
The Ultra-Sil™ Pack Liner won the prestigious Backpacker Editors' Choice award in 2006 and this award winner is an excellent solution for keeping contents of your pack dry. It's made of 30D Ultra-Sil™ CORDURA® brand fabric, making it super lightweight and is an oval shape to fit inside packs easier. The extra wide opening roll-top closure folds in three before being rolled and sealed with the low profile buckles. Sea to Summit has used bright colors to help with visibility when packing and unpacking, and a 50L, 70L and 90L size range to cover all options and bag sizes.
Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Stuff Sac
$11.21 - $20.21 $14.95 - $26.95 Up To 25% Savings
Sea to Summit's Ultra-Sil® Stuff Sacks are super strong and lightweight. They use ultralight ripstop Cordura fabric in a range of colors.
Osprey Airporter
$59.99 - $69.99
Osprey’s Airporter Backpack Travel Cover is designed shield your pack from unnecessary damage incurred during transit. Lockable zippers provide an extra layer of security for your gear when you’re on the road. Sizes vary for different size packs.
Osprey Hi-Vis Raincover
$29.99 - $34.99
Osprey’s High Visibility Rain Cover protects your gear from rain, snow, and sleet. Reflective graphics and a blinker light attachment point to provide extra visibility in low light situations make this cover ideal for urban bike commuters. Extra small fits 10 - 20 liter packs. Small fits 20 - 35 liter packs.
Osprey Pack Liner - Small - 30 to 50 L Packs
Shaped to mesh seamlessly with your pack, our Pack Liners protect the gear you carry inside your pack from the weather outside. Perfect for 30-50 Liter packs.
Osprey Pack Liner Medium - 50-70L Packs
Shaped to mesh seamlessly with your pack, our Pack Liners protect the gear you carry inside your pack from the weather outside. Perfect for 50-70 Liter packs.
Osprey Straight Jacket Compression Sack
$17.99 - $39.99 $27.99 - $39.99 Up To 36% Savings
When you’re packing a pile of gear, reach for Osprey’s StraightJacket™ compressible gear storage sacks. These durable and water resistant stuff sacks minimize bulk and create stackable rectangles for efficient loading.
Osprey UL Raincover
$44.99 - $54.99
When you’re on walkabout in a damp climate, you’ll appreciate Osprey’s Ultralight Raincover. The stuff sack lets you pack it tightly until needed. Then, this piece of coated nylon will help you avoid spending a night shivering in a soggy sleeping bag. Sizes vary to fit different size packs.
Osprey Ultralight Dry Sack
$15.99 - $29.99
Designed to keep your gear bone dry even in riparian or rainforest environments, Osprey’s Dry Sacks provide the security of waterproof gear storage and color coded organization in your river bag or pack.
Osprey Ultralight Grab Bag
$22.49 $29.99 25% Savings
Attach Osprey’s ultra-light Grab Bag to your pack and add 100 cubic inches of extra carrying capacity. The Grab Bag also doubles as a lumbar pack when you want to keep a few small items handy.
Osprey Ultralight Stuff Sack
$15.99 - $29.99
Just like Osprey's Dry Sacks with a simplified closure, their Stuff Sacks are perfect for storing and protecting your extral layers, food, and other small items. Rectangular shape to efficiently pack and organize your gear.
McNett Seam Grip Field Repair Kit
The Seam Grip Field Repair Kit repairs tears, holes and leaks on inflatable sleeping pads, tents, boots, backpacks, rainwear and more! Kit combines Seam Grip with Tenacious Patches for fast, permanent repairs.
McNett Seam Sure 28.4g
Fast drying, water based urethane formula for sealing seams on tents, packs and other gear. Dries to a clear, long lasting finish.
McNett Tenacious Patches
Repair rips, holes and gashes in almost all of your outdoor gear. It stays put no matter what Mother Nature dishes out and leaves no sticky mess. The precut repair tape patches come in both black and clear, so you can match your fabric for nearly-invisible repairs. Clean adhesive technology, Strong, washable and long lasting, Made from high-quality tent fabric, Easy to carry in the field.
Lowe Alpine Raincover
$10.99 - $12.49 $21.99 - $24.99 Up To 50% Savings
A lightweight rain cover in Nylon fabric, available in Black or Fluorescent. Includes stuff sac.
Lowe Alpine Spider Compression Sac
$20.99 - $27.99
Tough nylon stuffsac with 4 compression straps to minimise pack size
Lowe Alpine Ultralite Pack Liner
$24.99 - $34.99
Ultralite waterproof rucksack liner. To keep your essential clothing and equipment dry in the toughest conditions.
JR Gear Light Weight Pack Rain Cover
$11.99 - $21.99
Light and compact rain cover with PU silver coating for waterproofing.
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