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At Bushtukah we believe that it is important to give back to our local community and we support many groups, activities and events every year. Please consider the following questions before making a request.

Will your request help to get more people outside and active?

Our primary focus is on mass participation events which encourage more people to get active and stay active. We are involved with many community based clubs, bike rides, runs and other human powered activities. 

In general, we do not sponsor galas, dinners, golf tournaments or sporting events where the majority of people are watching not doing.

Is this a charitable event?

Charitable events are prioritized with a focus on local charities. 

Events which are geographically close to the stores and charities which help to get people out and active get priority. We do not sponsor individuals raising money to participate in events.

Individual sponsorship vs event sponsorship

As a general rule we do not sponsor individual athletes, trips or expeditions. 

Our focus is on providing opportunities for everyone to get and stay active.

Is there a relationship with Bushtukah?

Requests for activities related to cycling, running, hiking, triathlon, Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, camping and other activities supported by what we sell and requests from groups and individuals who work or shop at Bushtukah are prioritized.

How to make a request?
Requests should be submitted via email to
A minimum of three weeks in advance.