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Platypus PlatyPreserve Portable Wine Storage Bottle (800ml)
$19.79 $32.99 40% Savings
Take your favorite wine with you wherever you go, and enjoy opened bottles of wine longer with PlatyPreserve. By providing an air-tight barrier in a flexible design, the PlatyPreserve safeguards the flavor of your wine and offers the perfect solution for transporting your wine securely. Whether you’re backpacking, cycling, traveling, or at a concert, the unbreakable, lightweight, and flexible container travels comfortably in a backpack or shoulder bag. PlatyPreserve is the best way to protect the taste of an open bottle of wine. Portable: Collapsible containers offer an easy, lightweight alternative to glass bottles for transporting and enjoying wine wherever you go. Maintain flavor: Food-grade lining is 100% taste-free, preserving the taste of your wine. Dependable: Durable materials ensure superior leak protection. Angled Spout: Provides an easy filling and pouring experience. Enjoy more wine longer: Transfer unfinished wine into the airtight reservoir to protect the wine’s flavor, letting you continue to enjoy it days or even weeks later.
Platypus PLatyPreserve Wine Storage
Portable, flexible 800ml wine bottle that preserves flavor of your wine. By providing an airtight barrier in a flexible design, the PlatyPreserve™ safeguards the flavor of your wine and offers the perfect lightweight solution for transporting wine or spirits securely and discreetly with a tasteful new storage bottle design. Whether you're backpacking, cycling, traveling, or at a concert, the unbreakable container travels comfortably in a backpack or shoulder bag.
MSR Mugmate Coffee/Tea Filter
$13.49 $17.99 25% Savings
Convenient and enviro-friendly, this reusable coffee/tea filter lets you brew up a cup without wasteful and messy paper filters. It’s low profile enough to be stored in just about any mug or cup and it weighs just .98 oz./28 g.
JetBoil Coffee Press
Upgrade your backcountry beverage selection with JetBoil's feather-light Coffee Press. Stem detaches from basket so you can stow in your Jetboil system cup. Compatible with Zip, Flash, Flash Lite, MicroMO, PCS Sol and Sol TI. Also compatible with the 1-Liter Tall and .8-Liter Spare Cups.
Hydro Flask 12 oz Coffee Mug
Savor every sip. Sometimes you want to sip and savor, and sometimes you’re on-the-go. This 12 oz Coffee Mug provides the tactile experience of your favorite morning cup with the dependability of your favorite Hydro Flask. So feel free to slow down and take in the day, or start your multi-tasking early; this Coffee Mug will ensure you start strong.
Hydro Flask 16 oz Coffee w Flip Lid
Caffeinate and go. Not too big, not too small — this 16 oz Coffee Flask is just right. The same size as a large at most coffee shops, this flask delivers your daily caffeine fix without the disposable cup. TempShield™ double wall vacuum insulation keeps your chai tea latte hot for up to 12 hours and your cold brews icy for up to 24. Whether morning will be spent around a cozy campfire or commuting to the office, the 16 oz Coffee Flask will make the day a little brighter.
GSI Glacier Stainless Nesting Wine Glass
Made of rugged stainless steel, the Glacier Stainless Nesting Wine Glass' compactly nesting size and lightweight design goes wherever you do. The unique stem design unscrews to allow the base to be compactly snapped into the bowl for storage. FEATURES & SPECS Made of rugged, virtually indestructible Glacier stainless steel for years of use. Durable base snaps into rim for efficient packing and storing. Stable, non-slip base grips uneven surfaces. Wine glass holds 10.8 oz. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS MAJOR DIMENSION: 320 ml WEIGHT: 4.7 oz. DIMENSIONS: 3.00'' x 3.00'' x 4.60'' MATERIAL: Stainless Steel PRODUCT USE: Car Camping, Gourmet Backpacking INCLUDES: 10.8 fl. oz. Wine Glass, Nesting Stem Base
GSI Stemless Red Wine Glass
The stem-less design of this generous red wine glass creates a very low center of gravity for surprising stability even on rocky, unstable camp terrain or rickety camp tables. FEATURES & SPECS Unique profile provides a secure, ergonomic grip while helping to prevent glass from tipping over. Made of BPA-Free Copolyester which provides excellent impact resistance. Suitable for both warm and cold beverages. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Volume: 14.7 fl. oz. WEIGHT: 1.7 oz. DIMENSIONS: 3.70'' x 3.70'' x 3.70'' MATERIAL: Copolyester PRODUCT USE: Car Camping, Gourmet Backpacking
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