We are pleased to offer 48 hour bike tune-up services. This turnaround time is offered at both the 203 Richmond Rd (Westboro) and 5607 Hazeldean (Stittsville) stores. No appointment needed. *An exception to 48 hour turnaround time would be limited to specialized parts required for repair, we will confirm this with you upon check-in. We want you to ride your bike not wait for it to be serviced!

203 Richmond Rd (Westboro) 613-792-1170 or 5607 Hazeldean (Stittsville) 613-831-3604



Service Package: Junior $29.99

  • Under 24inch and smaller wheels
  • Full safety inspection*
  • Lube Chain
  • Check tire pressure

Service Package: Quick And Easy $40.00

  • Quick adjustments to brakes and shifting
  • Chain clean and lubrication (on bike)
  • Tire inflation and pressure check
  • Full safety inspection*

Service Package 1 – Starter $74.99

Includes Quick And Easy PLUS:

  • Light wipe down of the bike’s frame, fork and wheels
  • minor wheel truing (on bike)
  • headset/bottom bracket/hub adjustments
  • Post service test ride

Service Package 2 – Major $119.99

Includes Service Package 1 PLUS:

  • removal and deep cleaning of the entire drivetrain
  • Drivetrain components removed, lubed/greased, reinstalled
  • Frame and fork clean and polish
  • Major wheel truing
  • Installation of any additional parts and accessories included

Service Package 3 – Deluxe $229.99

Includes Service Package 2 PLUS:

  • Thorough disassembly / cleaning / re-greasing of all bearing systems (Headset/Hubs/BB)
  • Labour for any additional parts installed included

Service Package – Deluxe MTB $260

Includes Service Package 2 PLUS:

  • Thorough disassembly / cleaning / re-greasing of all bearings
  • For service and seal replacement
  • All suspension hardware torqued

*Full Safety Inspection Includes

  • Frame And Fork Safety Inspection (Pivots, Shocks, Linkages, etc.)
  • Drivetrain Component Wear Inspection
  • Bearing Wear Inspection (Wheel Bearings, Bottom Bracket, Headset, Pulley Wheels, Pedals)

We can do repairs and adjustments for most bikes purchased from independent bicycle dealers!


Brake Adjustment$15

Brake Bleed (per brake)$30

Cable and housing replacement$20

Cable and housing replacement (Tri and TT)$30


Bottom bracket install$40

Bottom bracket overhaul$30

Cable and housing replacement$20

Cable and housing replacement (Tri and TT)$30

Cassette installation$15

Chain installation$15

Chain clean and lube (on bike)$15

Crankset install$40

Derailleur install – Front or Rear (each)$25

Drivetrain clean and lube (off bike)$50

Gear adjustment – Front or Rear (each)$15

Shifter Install – MTB or Road$25

Steering And Fork:

Fork suspension overhaul$50-$120

Headset adjustment$15

Headset overhaul$30

Handlebar taping$20

Stem install$15


Tire or Tube install$12

Tire install (tubeless)$25

Wheel true minor – Front or Rear (each)$20

Wheel true major – Front or Rear (each)$40

Wheel build – Front or Rear (each)$60

Hub adjustment – Front or Rear (each)$15

Hub overhaul front$25

Hub overhaul rear$30


Box/Unbox bike$69

Ebike diagnostics test and Firmware update $30

New bike build and tune 60% built in box - Standard bicycle $100

New frame build from ground up $299.99

Groupset install - TT/Hydraulic & Tune on compatible frames only $200

Groupset install - Mechanical/DI2 & Tube on compatible frames only $150

Computer install – single or wireless$15

Dropper post install$40

Fender install$20

Pedal install$10

Rack install$15

Hourly shop rate$70


Our tech shop uses the BioCircle cleaning system for parts cleaning and degreasing. Environmentally friendly, safe, efficient, without using solvents or harmful chemicals.

Fit Services

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