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Head and Neck

Gore Wear M Light Headband
$26.24 $34.99 25% Off
During tough workouts in warm weather, sweat dripping into your eyes can be a big distraction from the enjoyment of being outside. This ultralight and very breathable headband wicks sweat away from your skin before it can interfere with your run.
Buff Canadian Original
$18.74 $24.99 25% Off
Bestselling Canada inspired designs! Stunning landscapes from coast to coast are the perfect canvas to create a unique and exclusive collection only available in Canada. A special tubular collection for Canadians and visitors alike to take along the best memories wherever they travel.
Buff Dryflx
$22.49 $29.99 25% Off
Ultralight and seamless multifunctional neckwear created for running and high intensity activities. Thanks to its 360ยบ reflective design it is perfect to enjoy early morning or late night runs in the city with improved safety. Extremely breathable and stretchable, it provides extra warmth.
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