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Are you open? - YES: both in-store and online
How long will it take to have a curbside pickup order ready?
  • Typically 5 to 7 days for in-stock items 
  • 10 - 14 days or more for special order items
What is your curbside procedure?
  • Pick up Hours: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm (Tuesday – Sunday)
  • You will receive 2 emails from us.
    • 1st email: is your order confirmation
    • 2nd email: will indicate that your order is complete and ready for pickup with the store location and time after which it will be ready.
    • **If you have not heard from us, it means your order is not ready for pickup yet. Please do not proceed to our stores to pickup your order if you have NOT received an 'Order Complete' email.
  • After you receive your “Order Complete” email. Please proceed to your store of choice and call our Curbside pickup line. 
    • 203 Richmond Rd (Westboro)
      • 613–878-1178
    • 5607 Hazeldean Rd (Stittsville)
      • 613-878-1183
  • Please be ready to provide your order number, vehicle model & colour
  • We will then ask you to open your trunk and wait outside your vehicle.
  • We will then verify your order and place your order in the trunk.
How long will it take to receive my online order via Canada post?
  • In stock: average of 4 - 7 days 
  • Special order: 10 - 14 days or more for special order items
  • Note: Canada Post is experiencing a high volume of parcels. Your shipment may experience delays out of our control.
Are you still repairing bicycles?
  • YES
Do I need to book an appointment to have my bicycle repaired?
  • NO
How do I get my bike repaired?
How long will it take to have my bike repaired?
Can I get a flat tire fixed faster? - YES
  • We are able to fix flat tires within 24 - 48 hours
Can I get basic parts (bells, racks, fenders, pedals, etc) installed on my bike faster? - YES
  • We are able to do basic parts installation within 24 - 48 hours 
Do you repair all brands and models of bikes? - YES
  • But with one caution we are not able to source all parts for all bikes
    • example: if your bike is 20 or more years old 
    • example: if your bike is very inexpensive and was purchased from a large retailer such as Walmart
    • example: if your bike brand includes proprietary parts that are only available to bike shops that sell that brand
How do I buy a bike?
  • Visit our online bike buyers guide (click here)
  • Our website shows all available bicycle models, colours and sizes
    • click on any bike model to view sizes and colours available to purchase 
  • Call our stores for assistance in making your model, colour and size selection
    • 613-792-1170 203 Richmond Rd (Westboro)
    • 613-831-3604 5607 Hazeldean Rd (Stittsville)
  • Here are some examples of questions we ask bike buyers to help guide them to their ideal bike 
    • Do you currently have a bicycle? 
    • What do you like and dislike about that bike?
    • Have you done any research?
      • If so, what direction are you considering in a new bike?
    • Where do you plan on riding your new bike? 
    • How often do you plan to ride
  • Bicycle purchases can be picked up curbside at either of our two store locations (click here for location information)
  • Payment
    • can be made over the phone or at curbside 
What happens it if I buy a bike get it home and don’t like it. Am I stuck with it? - NO
  • We offer a 30 day “right bike guarantee” (click here for details)
    • We will gladly exchange your bike for another within 30 days if you are not happy with your purchase
Why is it so hard to find bikes right now?
  • We are the middle of a global bike boom with more people riding that ever before. This has led to a global bike shortage with fewer bikes available that ever before. Our current stock is very limited, and we have a large number of bikes currently on order. These bikes will become available to purchase in-store over the next 1-3 months. We are taking orders now for bikes that will be delivered later in the summer

Are bathrooms open in your store? - NO
  • We are following public health advice and they are not open at this time.
Are changerooms open in your store? - YES
  • 1 room occupied at a time
  • 5 item imit
  • Mask / Face covering required
  • Extra santisation and quarantine protocols in place
Are you accepting returns and exchanges at this time? - YES
  • We are now accepting returns & exchanges in-store
  • We accept returns for 30 days after date of purchase.
  • We have implemented a quarantine protocol for all returns & exchanges.
  • You may also return items by mail, Please visit our return police page (click here)
Are you offering bike Fitting Services at this time? - YES
  • Our fit studios are now open with the following measures in place:
    • Westboro - RETUL fits only
    • Stittsville  Standard fits only
    • All customers coming in for a bicycle fit session must wear a mask or face covering. Please come prepared.
    • Our fitters are taking extra measures to ensure distancing were possible and wearing masks and gloves.
    • Out fit studios are smaller spaces and can only accommodate 2 people at a time. Provisions can be made for parents or guardians coming in with children. These will be make on a case by case basis.
    • Bicycle fit sessions will be limited to 2 per day to allow for extra tie to sanitize between fit sessions.