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Gear Aid Seam Grip Field Repair Kit

Gear Aid Seam Grip Field Repair Kit
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When in the outdoors, gear has to bounce back from rips and holes. Seam Grip WP Field Repair Kit includes all the essential tools for a repair that lasts. Use it as a seam sealer or repair adhesive for a tent and other camping gear including air mattresses and sleeping pads. This compact repair kit includes a waterproof sealant and two peel-and-stick patches. Whatever adventure you’re into, bring the Seam Grip WP Field Repair Kit and have a ready solution for torn gear caused by branches, brambles and rocks.

  • Permanent– Tough, durable urethane adhesive lasts a lifetime and bonds to most outdoor fabrics (non-silicone treated)
  • Waterproof – Provides a water-tight seal that won’t peel or crack over time, keeping adventurers warm and dry
  • Abrasion Resistant  Make a long-lasting repair that can withstand scrapes and scratches
  • All-purpose – Seam Grip WP bonds with outdoor fabrics including nylon, polyester, vinyl, and leather
  • Kit Contents  Includes Seam Grip WP sealant and adhesive (0.25 oz), two 3” Tenacious Tape Patches (clear and black nylon) and applicator brush
  • Material: thermoset urethane
  • Color: clear
  • Adheres To: nylon, canvas, vinyl, polyester, and most fabrics
  • Coverage: 144” x 0.25” (12’ of seams)
  • Cure Time: 8-12 hours
  • Application Temperature: 60° to 100°F (above 40% relative humidity)
  • Use Temperature: -20° to 180°F
  • Storage: store in bag in freezer
  • Tape Material: PVC (clear) and nylon (black)


Seam Grip WP Field Repair Kit by GEAR AID Camping gear can get torn up fast, that’s why we made the Seam Grip WP Repair Kit. It includes a tube of Seam Grip WP adhesive, two Tenacious Tape repair patches, instructions, and a brush. Fix anything from a tent to a camping air bed with this lightweight kit. To use, start with a clean surface. Brush Seam Grip WP over the tear and let it cure overnight; if using the item sooner, cut a patch to size and apply it over the adhesive. Once cured, you’ll have a waterproof repair that is flexible and permanent. For a quick repair to bug mesh or other small fabric tear, simply peel and stick a Tenacious Tape patch. These ultra-strong patches are nearly invisible, won’t peel back overtime, and can even be washed. Use this kit to repair anything on the trail including sleeping bags, tarps, and camping air beds, it will even patch a burn hole in a jacket. Repair tents and camping gear in a pinch with the Seam Grip WP Repair Kit

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