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Camping Meals

AlpineAire Forever Young Mac and Cheese
$8.96 $11.95 25% Off
Classic Mac and Cheese made with a three cheese white sauce and healthy vegetable additions of peas, carrots and corn
AlpineAire Mexican Style Veggie Bowl
$8.96 $11.95 25% Off
Seasoned corn, peppers, beans, and rice with zesty lime and pepper jack cheese.
AlpineAire Mexican Style Grilled Chicken Bowl
$9.71 $12.95 25% Off
Seasoned chicken, corn, beans, and rice with zesty lime and pepper jack cheese
AlpineAire Mexican Style Beef Bowl
$9.94 $13.25 25% Off
Seasoned beef, corn, beans and rice with zesty lime and pepper jack cheese
AlpineAire Kung Pao Grilled Chicken
$10.46 $13.95 25% Off
Bold, spicy, and sweet sauce paired with chicken, peppers, and rice
AlpineAire Pork Pad Thai
$10.46 $13.95 25% Off
Thin noodles and pork with vegetables in a spicy peanut sauce.
AlpineAire Spicy Sausage Pasta
$10.46 $13.95 25% Off
Pasta and pork sausage crumbles in a spicy cream sauce. Article number: 60439 NUTRITION VALUES Calories: 600 cal Protein (g): 24 g Per package weight (oz): 5 oz
AlpineAire Grilled Chicken Pad Thai
$11.21 $14.95 25% Off
Thin noodles and chicken with vegetables in a spicy creamy peanut sauce
AlpineAire Hearty Beef Stew
$11.21 $14.95 25% Off
Bring the warmth of home to wherever your expedition may lead with AlpineAire’s Hearty Beef Stew. A warm and comforting peppery tomato-based beef stew with vegetables and noodles
AlpineAire Spicy Pasta Bolognese
$11.21 $14.95 25% Off
A robust red sauce with herbs and parmesan cheese paired with spiral noodles and pork sausage. Sure to fill up even the most intrepid explorer
AlpineAire Grilled Chicken Jambalaya
$12.71 $16.95 25% Off
Bursting with savory Creole flavor and featuring AlpineAire’s succulent new grilled chicken, this comforting Jambalaya dish is bound to be a new favorite on the trail! A spicy combination of bell peppers, tomatoes, and onions with grilled chicken and rice
AlpineAire Pasta Primvera with Grilled Chicken
$12.71 $16.95 25% Off
Take a break from boring food on the trail with a healthy, Italian-style favorite! AlpineAire’s Pasta Primavera is a fresh and zesty pasta with light cream sauce, grilled chicken, and colorful veggies.
AlpineAire Sweet and Sour Grlled Chicken
$12.71 $16.95 25% Off
A combination of chicken, bell peppers, and pineapple with rice mixed in a sweet and tangy sauce with ginger and soy sauce.
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