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Toko Eco Skin Proof
Skin impregnation. Ecological impregnation for skin skis/touring ski skins. Ecological protection against water. Application and properties: Ideal for skin skis/touring ski skins Highly effective due to the latest research findings Makes the skins water-repellent PFC free Biodegradable
$29.99 - $54.00
Swix brushes are designed for brushing wax out of the structures (base patterns) in ski bases and snowboards after you have used the plexi scraper: They should be used in one direction, from tip to tail. There is a wide selection of Swix brushes. They are made at different price levels with different qualities depending whether you are in the sport/recreational catagory or into high level racing having to do many skis or boars in a short time.
Swix Aerosol Base Cleaner 150ml
Aerosol dispenser 150 ml
$8.99 - $12.99
Swix Citrus Solvent Liquid Base Cleaner 500ml
The Citrus Solvent is a 100% citrus-based product, formulated to minimize health and fire hazards.
Swix Compact Economy Waxing Table 96cmx45cm
Compact Economy Waxing Table (96cm x 45cm) One leg is height adjustable. Removable table top in wood. Can be used for snowboards. Fits two sets of cross country waxing profiles (T0771). Table top: 96 cm x 45 cm. Weight: 11.5 kg/25.3 lbs.
Swix Fibertex is a nylon fiber pad in which small abrasive particles are bonded to the nylon fibers with resin. The purpose of Fibertx is deburring, whereas sandpaper is designed to remove base material.
Swix Racing Waxing Table 120xm x 45cm
Racing Waxing Table (120cm x 45cm) Stable and solid table. Adjustable height 90 cm or 85 cm. All adjustable feet with rubber feet for anti slip. Fits two sets of cross country waxing profiles (T0771). Table top: 120 cm x 45 cm. Weight: 15.5 kg/34 lbs.
Swix Small Wax Table 120x35cm
Small Waxing Table (120cm x 35cm) One leg adjustable. Table top 120 cm x 35 cm. Fits two sets of cross country waxing profiles (T0768 ). Weight: 11 kg/24 lbs.
Swix T73 Digital Sport Waxing Iron
A waxing iron with a thick plate that makes for even heat distribution. Digital temperature reading means it’s easy to get the perfect setting. 18mm thick plate ensure even heat distribution. Digital microprocessor ensure a precise temperature control. Digital display is controlled by the wheel adjustment. Operating temperatures of 80 to 170°C. With 850W of heating power, you'll have plenty of heat to melt your wax.
Nikwax Ski Skin Proof 125ml
Sponge-on waterproofing for Ski Skins Repels water, stops saturation, reduces kick, improves glide
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