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Urban Poling Adventure Series

Urban Poling Adventure Series
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The compact Adventure Series poles are an attractive option for the active traveler – whether packing for a cruise, a mountain hike or a trek on the West Coast Trail. They collapse 20% shorter than the 2-section poles and come with both snow baskets and trekking baskets for snowshoeing and hiking.

Featuring a beautiful west coast graphic by Canadian Illustrator Dale McGregor, these premium-quality Urban Poles are built for fitness and engineered for performance, safety and comfort.

Burn up to 46% more calories than walking without poles, and easily strengthen your core with the help of the unique strapless ergonomic handle that engages your core muscles as you walk.

Urban Poling online video instruction
Anti-vibration features and secure locking system
3-section collapsible poles, adjustable to walker heights of 4'2" to 6'2"
Ergonomic strapless handle for injury prevention
Comes with snow baskets and trekking baskets

Part Numbers

894577001047 POL31178155E