Trigger Point Performance Kit

Trigger Point Performance Kit
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The Performance Collection offers a convenient self-care program designed to empower dedicated athletes to improve flexibility, range of motion and tissue strength while addressing muscle tightness.

The Trigger Point Performance Collection is for any athlete that wants to increase mobility to achieve optimal performance. Step by step instructions guide you through easy-to-follow self-massage techniques on twelve areas of the body, focusing on key areas that commonly cause performance limitation in athletes. Digital instructions via video and guidebook format allow you to manage your own therapeutic self-care at home, at the gym, or on the road.

Packed with our most comprehensive education, this collection is a complete guide to a self-massage process that simplifies how to reduce discomfort or dysfunction in areas of your body. Trigger Point offers an Education Video Portal where each Performance Collection owner will be able to access through a personalized code provided when the Collection is purchased.

To optimize function in the body, this kits includes:

Total Body E-Book
A 44-page, illustrated instructional guide that breaks down the 12 most important TriggerPoint releases to help you restore and maintain natural ease of movement.

Ultimate 6 E-Book
A 24-page, illustrated instructional guide featuring therapeutic self massage techniques that target the most common areas of discomfort runners experience.

? TriggerPoint FootBaller™ to release tightness in the foot and lower leg
? TriggerPoint Baller Block™ to elevate the lower leg for deep tissue compression
? TriggerPoint QuadBaller™ to release tightness in large muscles like the quadriceps, hamstrings, and adductors
? Two MB1® Massage Balls to provide targeted compression to break up painful knots
? TP2 Ball Sleeve to couple two massage balls to release tightness and discomfort in the back
? Step-by-step instructions that guide you through easy-to-follow self massage techniques covering twelve areas of the

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