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Teravail Rampart - 700c

Teravail Rampart - 700c
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From minimum maintenance to decaying pavement, rolling hills to near vertical climbs, Rampart was made for riders who want the freedom to pick their own path no matter what the road looks like.

These tires were designed and inspired by our experiences riding and racing courses with varying conditions.

It's center tread is smooth and fast-rolling for straight-line speed; thicker center tread and durable casing lasts longer even on harsh surfaces.

Performs best on: Pavement / Hard-Packed Dirt and Gravel

Teravail's Light & Supple casings use a one-ply, 60 TPI configuration without additional sidewall or puncture protection. We’ve found that the structure of the 60 TPI casing provides a reliable tubeless seal while protecting the tire from light trail debris and impacts.

What are some of the advantages of the Light & Supple casing?

Removing the additional layers of protection makes the casing lighter and more compliant. This allows the tread to conform to the terrain, providing both grip and ride comfort.

What are some potential reasons the Light & Supple casing might not be the right choice?

It’s not a great choice if you frequently ride sharp, rocky terrain or have a loaded or touring bike. The Light & Supple casing will be more susceptible to punctures and sidewall cuts and offer less stability when cornering on a heavy bike.

When would you recommend that someone opt for the Light & Supple casing?

When riding road, gravel, or XC and trail-riding in regions with limited sharp rocks, the benefits of the Light & Supple casing’s reduced rotating weight and additional compliance likely outweigh the risks. If you are unsure about the risk of punctures or sidewall cuts in your area, chat with your bike shop or local ride groups.

Teravail's Durable casing uses the same foundation as the Light & Supple casing but includes layers of sidewall and puncture protection.

What are some of the advantages of the Durable casing?

Our durable casing provides additional protection against cuts and punctures, but those layers of protection also reinforce its structure. The result is stiffness that prevents squirming when riding at lower tire pressures or initiating hard corners.

What are some potential reasons the Durable casing might not be the right choice?

If you live in a region without many trail hazards and your riding style doesn't involve heavy loads or high-speed impacts, you might prefer to save weight and stick to the Light & Supple casing.

When would you recommend that someone opt for the Durable casing?

Teravail recommends the Durable casing to anyone planning an extended ride through uncharted or variable terrain and those who live in regions notorious for eating up tires. It’s also an excellent choice for loaded or touring applications or riders who enjoy descending at high speeds, as the structure of the Durable casing provides additional stability and control while allowing for a broader operational range of tire pressures without squirming.

Tubeless setups come with many benefits:

  • Fewer flats Tubeless tires virtually eliminate the “snakebite” flats that occur when a tube is pinched between the tire and rim. Tubeless sealant also fills many of the punctures caused by road debris such as glass, wire, tacks, etc.

  • More traction Tubeless setups let you run lower tire pressure without fear of flats. Lower pressure means a larger contact patch (more of your tread touching the ground), which boosts traction.

  • Better ride quality Lower tire pressure also means your tire can absorb many of the bumps on the road and trail. This cushion creates a comfortable ride quality that feels like floating.

  • Lower weight If you’re currently using wire-bead tires and standard tubes, a tubeless setup will likely shave some weight. Keep in mind that tubeless tape, valves, and sealant all add weight, so if you’re already using lightweight tires and tubes, you may not see a big difference.

Find out more on tubeless tires and how they benefit cyclists

Size700c x 32mm700c x 38mm
Intended Use All-Road All-Road
Tire Type Tubeless Ready / Clincher Tubeless Ready / Clincher
Tire Bead Folding Folding
Tire Casing Light and Supple Durable
Tubeless Ready Yes Yes
Pressure Range 80 PSI Max 80 PSI Max


Category Gravel
Weight (single, g) See Specifications
Tubeless Ready Yes
Bead Type Folding

* Subject to change without notice.


Teravail Rampart All-road Tire

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN Store SKU
Black / Light & Supple / 700c x 32 708752347915 TR7733 TIR578693882
Black / Durable / 700c x 38 708752348035 TR7739 TIR506829712