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mountainFLOW Skin Wax Spray

mountainFLOW Skin Wax Spray
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mountainFLOW’s Skin Wax improves glide while maintaining a solid kick. By keeping the skins dry, snow buildup is reduced and skins stay light and fast.

Water-based and non-toxic

Apply before every skin

Best enjoyed with friends



mountainFLOW | How to Spray-on Skin Wax

George presents mountainFLOW's plant-based Spray-on Skin Wax: a robust skin wax for climbing skins that improves glide, maintains kick and traction, and prevents ice and snow from building up! Watch to learn best application practices as well as pro tips! Perfect to use before a big day of skinning or in between days on a hut trip!

mountainFLOW's Revolutionary Plant-Based Ski Wax

mountainFLOW launches a line of high-performance and plant-based ski and snowboard wax. For context, nearly all wax is made from petroleum and whatever you put on your skis goes directly into the snowpack and then into the local watershed.