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Kronobar Coconut-Cherry Energy Bar (50g)

Kronobar Coconut-Cherry Energy Bar (50g)
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Kronobar Cherry Coconut Energy Bar is tender and delicious with cocoa chunks that blend perfectly with the other ingredients.

Made to be taken BEFORE an effort, 29 grams of 100% natural carbohydrate sugars will provide you with the energy required to get the most out of your favorite activity. They can also be consumed during a training session of less than 2 hours.

Why choose the Coconut / Cherry energy bar?

Coconut is a natural source of potassium, contributing to muscle relaxation.

Cherry relieves joint pain to help achieve better performance, thanks in part to antioxidants that inhibit the formation of enzymes associated with inflammation.

When to take it:

15 to 45 minutes before the physical effort to activate circulation and provide all the energy necessary for your activity.
During a sustained activity of about 2 hours to maintain sugar levels and avoid fatigue.

Treat yourself to good health with the power of natural ingredients:

Pear juice concentrate, apple, desiccated coconut, date powder, cherry (cherry, apple juice concentrate, sunflower oil), millet, unsweetened chocolate, water, date paste, sunflower oil, cocoa powder, pectin, natural flavor.

Kronobar is the only Canadian sports food company to offer 100% natural, vegan, gluten-free, no added sugars and free from the 12 main allergens.