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JetBoil Isobutane/Propane 100g Fuel Canister

JetBoil Isobutane/Propane 100g Fuel Canister
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Jetboil's Jetpower Fuel Canisters boast a high-performance blend of propane and isobutane that burns with maximum efficiency and minimum consumption. Propane provides higher vapor pressure for cold-weather performance and Isobutane offers constant pressure as the fuel level lowers.

Empty fuel cans are recyclable using the Jetboil CrunchIt Tool.

DIMENSIONS: 3.5” (9 cm) x 2.8” (7 cm)

FUEL CAPACITY: 100 g, (approx. 12 liters of boiled water)

WEIGHT: 199 g / 7.0 oz

Part Numbers

858941006151 JETPWR-100 0893483000021