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Currex RunPro High

Currex RunPro High
Blue - High
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We have developed the CURREX RunPro® insoles to reduce injuries and speed up your regeneration so that you can keep on running.

The most important features at a glance:
- More comfort
- Faster regeneration
- Increasing the performance
- Breathable and sweat-absorbing
- More control and maximum comfort provide a unique and secure wearing experience. Optimize your movement and get the CURREX feeling in your shoe, run, and feel the potential.

We are proud that 1.5 million runners are already happy with the CURREX RunPro® and - what makes us even happier - that we have become the test winner of the insole comfort study by the renowned SPOHO Cologne.


You run and feel the full 3D contact. The extra heel cushioning protects you from shocks during the landing phase, while your heel is dynamically guided into a rolling motion. Your shoe has never felt so good.


During the rolling movement, triple forces act on your foot. That's why the core of our CURREX insole is the central building block for your biomechanically optimised movement. The dynamic DAT midfoot bridge (Dynamic Arch Technology) optimally distributes the forces under the sole of the foot, reduces pressure and stimulates your muscles. This effect influences the entire movement via muscle chains and has a positive impact on your entire body.


No speed limit - the specially developed ProPo+ recoil pad under the bales gives you a powerful kick. This gives you the best grip for direct and controlled power transmission. So nothing stands in the way of a new best time.

To clean CURREX Insole, we recommend that you clean it under running water with a nail brush and a little Ox-gall soap. Make sure that the soles are completely dry before wearing them again. Please do not wash in the washing machine.

The dynamic midfoot bridge is designed for a lifespan of at least 800-1200 km, depending on body weight and load. In addition, the breathable upper material and the underlying layers optimize moisture management in the shoe. If the upper material is significantly worn out, it is time for a change.

Note: Your pair of CURREX shoes will last at least as long as your pair of shoes. 


currexSole RUNPRO

Part Numbers

Option UPC Store SKU
Blue - High / Sm (W: 6.5-8, M: 5-6.5) 4260508970557 INS3720645M
Blue - High / Med (W: 8.5-10, M: 7-8.5) 4260508970564 INS37439297D
Blue - High / Lrg (W: 10.5-12, M: 9-10.5) 4260508970571 INS37798034G
Blue - High / XL (W: 12.5-14, M: 11-12.5) 4260508970588 INS37106516L
Blue - High / XXL (M: 13-15) 4260508970595 INS38474910L