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Volkl Blaze 94 Skins
$149.99 $249.99 40% Off
Völkl's Smart Glue skins are pre-cut and ready to use out of the package. A new, easier-handling adhesive makes them much easier to manage when transitioning from uphill to downhill modes. - New optimized Smart Glue technology combines trusted hot-melt adhesion with facilitated handling forces - A 2-layer Fiber Seal construction without cotton helps with water repelling, prevents glopping, and lets the skin dry quicker - The skins are laser-cut for a precise and robust outline - The 70/30 Mohair mix is the perfect combination for gliding and tracking SMART SKINCLIP The newly developed Smart Skinclip system allows the ski tourer to decide for himself, depending on the situation, in which direction he should pull the skin on and off. REDUCED MOISTURE ABSORPTION Our skins no longer need a cotton base layer and the plush is stuck directly to the adhesive. This means the skins take longer to become saturated as there is no cotton layer to absorb moisture. There’s no need to worry if you’re heading on a tour that starts in wet snow in a warmer valley location before continuing in far colder snow as you gain altitude! As the skins absorb less water, they also freeze far less. ADHESIVE TECHNOLOGY Enhanced adhesive technology for easier handling! Thanks to the optimised Smart Glue technology, the skins stick securely to the ski bases but can also be removed from them more easily. The adhesive surfaces are easier to separate after being transported (e.g. in a skin bag), largely dispensing with the need for protective netting! LASER CUT Precise laser cuts enable a perfect match between the width of the skins and skis. A precise laser cut makes the skin width the perfect fit for the respective skis. The cut edge is so robust that the skins fray far less. BEST COMBINATION OF GLIDE & GRIP Our 70/30 mohair/nylon mix skin allows the skis to glide forward with little effort and provides optimum grip under load to enable you to calmly and confidently take your next step. OPTIMUM FLEXIBILITY Our Smart Skin Clip System provides complete freedom when attaching and removing skins: this can be done from the tip to the tail of the skis or vice-versa as desired thanks to clips at both ends of the skins.
Nikwax Ski Skin Proof 125ml
$7.17 $11.95 40% Off
Sponge-on waterproofing for Ski Skins Repels water, stops saturation, reduces kick, improves glide
Atomic Hybrid Skin 95
$115.00 $229.99 50% Off
These Atomic Hybrid Skins perfectly match our Atomic Backland 95 skis. The skins fit our 185cm-length Backlands perfectly – and fit to the 177cm and 169cm length skis with a simple, single cut. They use 100% Mohair for a strong grip and smooth glide and feature easy-to-handle Hybrid Glue that keeps your skins from sticking together and renews with a quick wash with a Hybrid cleaning set. - Prefit Cut - 100% Race Mohair - Hybrid Glue
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