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Nordic Skis

Salomon Aero Jr Grip
$71.99 $119.99 40% Off
A lightweight, waxless ski that provides kids with very easy kick and consistent glide.
Salomon Aero Jr Skin
$77.99 $129.99 40% Off
The perfect choice for kids who want to experience classic performance, gain confidence and feel in control as they improve their skills. The AERO eSKIN JUNIOR construction gives them the support they need while the eSKINGRIP+ insert eliminates the hassle of daily waxing.
Salomon Escape 6 Grip
Escape 6 Grip is a sporty classic ski designed for maximum stability, control and glide. Its low Heel-Toe camber and G2 Synchro grip give it a secure waxless kick.
Salomon Escape 6 Skin + PSP
This is a sporty yet classic ski set designed for maximum stability and control. Its low heel-toe camber and SKINGRIP+ technology give it a secure, waxless grip. Compatible with Prolink Shift Binding
Salomon Escape 64 Outpath Flat
The Escape 64 Outpath is a great option for Nordic skiers who want to do it all. It handles tireless uphills, fun downhills, and offers easy skiing in varying conditions. Waxless bases require minimal maintenance too.
Salomon RC 7
$199.99 $259.00 23% Off
RC 7 is a performance classic ski delivering smooth glide and an easy kick via Heel Toe Camber.
$383.20 $479.00 20% Off
Whether you are looking for perfect grip or speed, the RC10 eSKIN is engineered so you can experience the best of both worlds. The ski is now also available with our own moveable binding.
Salomon RC10 ESKIN Medium+ PSP
$383.20 $479.00 20% Off
Whether you are looking for true race speed or consistently good grip, the RC10 eSKINRACE is engineered so you can experience the best of both worlds. Mount it up with a Salomon Shift binding for the ability to adjust kick and glide with ease.
Salomon RS 7
RS 7 is a performance skating ski that delivers smooth glide and stable, easy skiing via the Powered Camber.
Salomon S/RACE Carbon Skate
$583.20 $729.00 20% Off
The S/RACE Carbon Skate takes your racing performance to the next level. It excels in all snow conditions.
Rossignol BC 59 AR
Kick, glide and tour with confidence. The BC 59 AR ski is designed for off-trail exploring and on-trail cruising. Our waxless AR Plus base offers a good blend of grip and glide in all snow conditions with zero prep required. The modest width complements full metal edges and tall camber for the versatility to ski on- and off-trail. The low-density core maintains a lightweight feel underfoot and all-around durability.
Rossignol OT 65 Positrack
Explore winter. The Evo OT 65 bridges the gap between off-trail skiing and backcountry touring. Wide dimensions and partial metal edges enhance stability and edge control for off-trail snow conditions. The ski has a shorter, more accessible length that's easy to turn and maneuver in trees and off-trail snow, while a waxless Positrack base offers the best blend of grip and glide in all snow conditions with no prep required. Easy Handling Activ Cap offers a balance of torsional rigidity and supple flex from tip to tail for all conditions stability All-Conditions Kick and Glide Waxless Positrack base features a positive base structure for the best blend of kick and glide in all snow conditions Edge Control, Glide Partial steel edges stop short of the tip and tail for increased edge control right where you need it Light and Durable Wood air core offers durable off-trail performance with air channels for reduced weight Maneuverability, Control Our short size concept increases maneuverability, control and ease-of-use
Rossignol R-Skin Ultra
Morning workout or weekend session, the R-Skin Ultra is always ready to ski. Designed for fitness-oriented skiers, the lightweight build features our built-in mohair insert for all-conditions kick and glide with no prep required. The ski is compatible with the Turnamic® binding system and includes an integrated binding plate that allows a natural ski flex for unparalleled snow feel, precision and glide.
Rossignol X-IUM R-SKIN
$455.99 $569.99 20% Off
Set the pace with X-ium classic skis. A big sweet spot makes race-proven technology accessible to experts and top-level racers alike. Our proven honeycomb construction offers ultra-lightweight precision and power for podium-level performance. The universal flex and camber excels in a wide range of conditions, while our R-Skin base offers always-ready kick and glide performance in all conditions. The ski is compatible with the new Turnamic® binding system for the most natural ski flex and snow feel.
Get started skating with the newly developed, lightweight Aerolite-Skate-60. Featuring an easy to wax World Cup Pro base and an improved Speed Grinding 2.0 finish for exceptional gliding capabilities.
$551.99 $689.99 20% Off
The RCS Skate Plus is a legend in the race world and now this former World Cup champion features Cold Base Bonding for improved wax absorption and grindability
Atomic Pro C3 Skintec Med
$319.99 $399.00 20% Off
Make the most of every second on track with the Atomic Pro C3 Skintec. A versatile skin ski perfect for training.
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