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Bear Protection

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Charlie's Bear Bells
Easily attach this bell to packs or clothing with the Velcro strap. Let the bears know you are coming! Sold in assorted colours.
Fox 40 Classic Whistle
A patented, three-chambered pea-less design that never fails to make a sharp, penetrating call or signal. Essential for outdoor activities! Note, assorted colours, unable to choose which will ship.
Counter Assault Bear Spray 230g
Counter Assault can prevent animal-human conflicts using a non-lethal formula that does not permanently harm the animal. Only a small amount of Counter Assault is usually needed to arrest aggressive behavior. A short blast of Counter Assault will often be enough to scare an aggressive bear away, but if not, the high volume, high velocity cone-shaped spray of burning pepper (3 million Scoville heat units) is sure to stop an attack. Counter Assault comes in a 230 g canister and is effective up to 10.68 m depending on wind conditions. Nylon holsters are available. 1% Capsaicin
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