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Kombi The Cabin Hat - Kid'a
Snowflake pattern toque with pompom. Fully lined with fleece.
Kombi The Camp Hat - Kid's
Fully lined 2x2 rib-knit stylish Junior toque.
Kombi The Candy Man Hat - Kid's
Knit Peruvian hat with colourful stripes and tassels.
Kombi The Imaginary Friends Hat - Kid's
New Imaginary Friends knit hats with earflaps are fully lined with warm fleece.
Kombi The Kombi Animal Family Hat - Kid's
Fully lined, these knitted animal hats with earflaps are soft, warm and easy to put on. A popular style for kids and parents alike!
Kombi The Reflective Pompom Hat - Kid's
Fully lined Peruvian hat with tassels and reflective pompom.
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