Wonka Backwoods Snowshoe

Wonka Backwoods Snowshoe
  • Size: 7x17
  • Size: 8x20
  • Size: 8x22
  • Size: 8x25
  • Size: 8x27
  • Size: 9x30
  • Size: 9x34
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Built to last with a 6061 aluminum frame, rugged polyurethane decking and aggressive 6063 aluminum crampons. Easy to put on with a one-size-fits-all polycarbonate ratchet binding. Each pair ships in a handy carry bag.

** Unlike some winter sports, snowshoeing is easy to learn and affordable. Snowshoes, by design, are fairly uncomplicated and easy to buy. All you really need to know is your weight (including any gear you’ll be carrying), the type of snowshoeing you want to do and the type of terrain you'll most likely be traversing.

Your weight, including equipment is a major factor in determining the right size. In most circumstances, a heavier person or one with a heavily loaded pack will require larger snowshoes than a smaller person or one carrying gear just for the day.

Recommended loads are based on light, dry snow conditions but consider that on powder snow you need bigger snowshoes to stay afloat than you would on compact, wet snow. Packed trails require a smaller pair of snowshoes but if you think you are trailblazing new trails in fresh snow you should choose a larger pair.

Get the smallest size that will support your weight based on snow conditions and terrain. As long as you have adequate flotation, smaller snowshoes will be much easier to handle.

- Green: 7 x 17 inch (holds up to 80lbs)
- Gold: 8 x 20 inch (holds up to 100lbs)
- Red: 8 x 22 inch (holds up to 140lbs)
- Green: 8 x 25 inch (holds up to 165lbs)
- Blue: 8 x 27 inch (holds up to 180lbs)
- Black: 9 x 30 inch (holds up to 220lbs)
- Grey: 9 x 34 inch (holds up to 250lbs)