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Volkl Blaze 94 Skis

Volkl Blaze 94 Skis
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The introduction of the Mantra marked the beginning of Völkl’s powerful freeriding ski line – for those who want to ride free without any restrictions but with all the control of a sporty all-mountain design. The new Blaze series adds a new dimension for intuitive freeriders who like performance but appreciate a playful, agile feel as well The Blaze 94 weighs just 1,566 g (@ 179 cm) and is a highly versatile ski for outstanding performance in almost any conditions.

A 0.3 mm thick Titanal binding platform provides direct power transfer and builds pressure quickly for a fast response when switching edges. The ski’s faster, more direct response is especially welcome in narrow and rough terrain – and takes less effort too. The secret largely lies in the 3D radius sidecut. The Blaze is designed primarily for short, fast turns, but its three different radii and tip-to-tail hybrid multi-layer wood core adapt to any riding style, however ambitious.

Another notable feature is the suspension tip. An elasticated, rubbery material on the tip and tail acts like a bumper, especially in wind-blown and tracked conditions, making the ski more settled and providing fantastic flotation.

The Blaze is popular for freeride touring too, thanks to its light weight. That’s why Völkl also offers Smart Glue skins tailored to each Blaze model.

Weight: 3.132 kg / 6.89 lbs (per pair, 179cm)
Dimensions: 134-94-116 mm
Turn Radius: R1-38, R2-17, R3-31
Profile: Rocker-Camber-Rocker


Three radii in one ski for maximum turning & speed versatility in all mountain skiing


A thin Titanal layer (0,3 mm) under the binding delivers the necessary strength to the ski. This way the binding screws offer reliable hold even in the toughest conditions.


Inserts made of elastic TPU material on the edges of the tip and tail which act like a bumper in wind-blown or tracked snow. Its shock-absorbing elasticity ensures better stability and catch-free float.


The extra-light hybrid multilayer wood core is a very complex core that is used in the Blaze. Light and very stable poplar and beech woods, individually weighed and selected by weight before gluing, are used in this wood core. In the tip-to-tail construction, the wood extends to the tip of the blade and end, giving them the sophisticated combination of good stability and low weight. In the center of the core, a CNC-milled Isocore area contributes to optimal liveliness and dynamic development. All in all, this design allows the stability of the ski to meet the high demands of a freeride ski, and this at a weight that is only slightly higher than that of a touring ski.


Best Use All-mountain, Touring
Skill Level Intermediate to Advanced
Lengths 172, 179, 186
Weight (pair, g) 172 (2998g), 179 (3132g), 186 (3386g)
Profile Tip & Tail Rocker
Dimensions (cm/mm) 172 (134-94-116), 179 (134-94-116), 186 (134-94-116)
Turn Radius (m) 172 (R1) 37 (R2) 15 (R3) 27, 179 (R1) 38 (R2) 17 (R3) 31, 186 (R1) 44 (R2) 19 (R3) 34
Construction Titanal Binding Platform, Suspension Tips and Tails, Full Sidewall
Core Hybrid Multilayer Woodcore
Warranty 1 Year (manufacturing and material defects)

* Subject to change without notice.