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Volkl Blaze 86 Wmn With Marker Kingpin 10

Volkl Blaze 86 Wmn With Marker Kingpin 10
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A ski for the rad woman who is adventurous and multi-faceted, desiring a powerfully light, maneuverable ski that will adapt to every condition.

The newest ski in the Blaze lineup, the Blaze 86 W expands on what the other models are known for: lightness, ease, and agility. Leaving the damping element of titanal out of the construction not only makes for a slightly more lively ride, it also saves weight and eliminates the need for plastic inserts (a small, but positive environmental step forward). The Blaze 86 W is designed for fast, shorter turns, but the three different radii that the sidecut supports can handle the most ambitious terrain and demands. The shock-absorbing Suspension Tip and Tail are not only durable, but also provide great lift, protecting and assisting the ski off-piste.

For the backcountry skier who is happy to withstand 100g extra weight for a significantly improved skiing experience, the Blaze 86 W is a real ski touring contender. Built with a light, capable, continuous tip-to-tail woodcore, uphill travel is totally doable, and downhill terrain is still completely rippable. An extremely versatile setup, the combination of all this technology makes the Blaze 86 W an intuitive ride that revolves around playfulness.

- 3D Radius Sidecut
- Full Sidewall
- Suspension Tips & Tails
- Base: P-Tex 2100

The innovative Kingpin has earned its stripes as the performance standard in PinTech AT binding technology.

The Kingpin's unique toe and heel pieces offer a unique blend of characteristics that seek to optimize both climbing and descending.

The toe piece is updated with the dual spring and higher pivot point setup from the Alpinist.

Ease of use, and best of all, unbeatable power transmission while on the descent mean that you've never had a day in the backcountry like the ones you'll have on the Kingpin!

Weight (Pair) : 1.34kg / 2.95lbs
DIN: 5.0 - 10.0

- The climbing aid offers two positions with 7° and 13° which can easily be accessed with the ski pole, even in an unstable standing position. Integrated elastomer paddings dampen the impact reducing the irritating traditional "clack" and allow more comfortable hiking.

- Extra-large power transmitters in the heel with reduced weight for minimum friction and maximum centering for the lateral movement of the heel.

- The revolutionary heel construction for the Pin Technology bindings features wide sole contact points to deliver the kind of direct, lossless power transfer more frequently seen in alpine bindings. The KingPin heel is also many times safer than traditional Pin Technology bindings.

- Carbon fiber reinforced material for improved stiffness and super lightweight. Anti Ice Pads in the base of the toe to prevent icing in critical areas.

- Vertical and lateral individually adjustable release in the heel for improved release functionality.

- Easy to install crampons for KINGPIN and Alpinist available in the sizes 80mm, 90mm, 105mm, 120mm


Category Touring Pin
Brake width 75 - 100 mm
100 - 125 mm
Din/ISO Range 5.0 - 10.0
Boot type Touring Boots
Recom. Skier's Weight 30 - 105kg
Stand height w/o ski 21,5 mm
Toe System Carbon reinforced Pin Toe
Step-in Heel KINGPIN heel
Heel adjustment range 25 mm
Walking modes 0°, 7°, 13°
Weight 1.34kg /2.95lbs (75-100 mm)
1.36kg / 3.00lbs (100-125 mm)

Understanding boot and binding compatibility can be complicated. Alpine or Alpine Touring? ISO what?

With multiple boot/binding standards designed for different applications and skier types, finding the right gear requires more knowledge and expertise than ever before.

Contact us to navigate your options and discover what's right for you.