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UCO Gear Survival Stormproof Match Kit

UCO Gear Survival Stormproof Match Kit
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A crucial component of your 10 Essentials gear, the Survival Stormproof Match Kit is an inexpensive insurance policy for your comfort and care in the outdoors. Fifteen compact Stormproof Matches will light in any weather—and will relight even after being submerged in water! The sealed case includes a replaceable, integrated striker on the outside of the case plus an extra striker. Each match will stay lit for up to 12 seconds, giving you about 3 minutes of fire in each kit.

Description UCO Survival Matches
Description 2 Container w/ 15 matches, UN 1944
Product Group Code H3
Product Group Name Fire Starting
Item Category Name Matches
Item Category Code UCO-FIRE
Net Weight 1.13g / 0.04oz


Original Stormproof Match from UCO - Stay Lit No Matter What.