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Swix Wax Brushes

Swix Wax Brushes
  • Model: T158O Oval medium coarse bronze brush
  • Model: T157B Rectangular Horsehair Brush
  • Model: T158B Rectangular medium coarse bronze brush
  • Model: T159B Rectangular Combi Brush (Bronze/Nylon)
  • Model: T160O Oval Fine Blue Nylon Brush
  • Model: T160B Rectangular Blue Nylon Brush
  • Model: T161B Rectangular White Nylon Brush
  • Model: T161O Oval White Nylon Brush
  • Model: T161SB Small Rectangular White Nylon Brush
  • Model: T162O Oval Medium Bronze Brush
  • Model: T162B Rectangular Medium Bronze Brush
  • Model: T164B Rectangular Wild Boar Brush
  • Model: T179B Rectangular Steel Brush
  • Model: T179O Oval Steel Brush
This item is currently not available.


Swix brushes are designed for brushing wax out of the structures (base patterns) in ski bases and snowboards after you have used the plexi scraper: They should be used in one direction, from tip to tail.

There is a wide selection of Swix brushes. They are made at different price levels with different qualities depending whether you are in the sport/recreational catagory or into high level racing having to do many skis or boars in a short time.