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  • Model: T264 X-Fine Orange 3pads
  • Model: T266 Fibertex 3pads
  • Model: T266N Aluminum Oxide Purple 3pads
  • Model: T267N Combi T264, T266N, T268 3pads
  • Model: T268 No Abrasive for polishing after waxing 3pads
This item is currently not available.


Swix Fibertex is a nylon fiber pad in which small abrasive particles are bonded to the nylon fibers with resin. The purpose of Fibertx is deburring, whereas sandpaper is designed to remove base material.

For gentle deburring on new skis. For refreshening base without disturbing structure. Can be used to apply new Glide Wax Cleaner/Conditioner (I84). 3 Pads. 110 mm x 150 mm.

For use with solvent to clean the base, and for polishing the base after scraping and brushing. Does not remove mass from ski base. 110 mm x 150 mm. 3 pads

To be used before waxing to remove oxidized layer to open base. Violet. 110 mm x 150 mm. 3 pads.

Contains three different Fibertex pads: T264, T266N, T268. 110 mm x 150 mm.

For polishing after waxing and brushing. 110 mm x 150 mm. 3 pads.