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VG35 Green Base Binder
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Base Binders are designed to make all grip waxes stick better to the ski base when coarse, abrasive snow.

To be used as first layer for all hard waxes in new fallen snow, transformed fine grained snow and old snow from +1°C to -20°C. Easy to apply: Rub on and iron in with a waxing iron.

A durable basewax for the VR and V-waxes for colder conditions than -1°C (30°F). To be used when the snow has been transformed (granular) and the wear on the wax is high. Rub on and iron in with a waxing iron. Cork smooth.

Base Binder makes all kick waxes stick better to the ski. Can also be used as base for Quick Klisters. Apply Base Binder on a clean base. 5 fl. oz.

Green base klister to be applied as first klister layer. Use regular klister on top, adjusted to the conditions, or aerosol Quick Klister. Upside down spray applicator for controlled spray on application. The Base klister is applied by holding the bottle upside down and move it slowly along the ski on both sides of the groove. Distance between the base and nozzle should be 4-5 cm. For Racing, Sport and Recreation. 70 ml/2.5 fl. oz.

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VG35 Green Base Binder 7045950616898 BAS17381361G