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Sea to Summit Alto TR2 Tent

Sea to Summit Alto TR2 Tent
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Alto two-person is a semi-freestanding tent perfect for weight-conscious backpackers who still want a high degree of livability in their shelter.

The revolutionary Tension Ridge architecture of the Alto allows for taller oversized doors and vertical walls that create an unrivalled amount of space. Apex Vents positioned at the highest point of the tent effectively expel moist air and minimize condensation, and the variable rainfly can be rolled back on both sides for stargazing, then deployed quickly from inside the tent.

‘Alto’ is the Italian word for ‘high’. One night will prove that the Alto is a level above other ultralight tents

Tent Type: Semi -Freestanding
Floor Area: 2.51 q m / 27.0 sq ft
Weight: 1.18 kg / 2.59 lbs
Vestibule Area: 1.67 sq m / 18.0 sq ft
Floor dimensions: 215 x 135 x 96 cm / 84.5 x 53 x 38 in.

Floor Area 2.51 q m / 27.0 sq ft
Floor Dimensions 215 x 135 x 96 cm / 84.5 x 53 x 38 in.
Fly + Footprint Pitch Weight 973 g / 2.14 lbs
Minimum Trail Weight 1.18 kg / 2.59 lbs
Packed Size 12 x 12 x 52cm / 5 x 5 x 21 in
Packed Weight 1.34 kg / 2.96 lbs
Peak Height 96cm / 38 in
Vestibule Area 1.67 sq m / 18.0 sq ft
Floor Fabric 20D Sil-PeU Coated Nylon Ripstop
Floor Hydrostatic Head 1200mm
Fly Material 15D Sil-PeU Coated Nylon Ripstop
Fly Hydrostatic Head 1200mm
Inner Tent Material 15D Polyester High-Airflow No-See-Um Mesh
Pole Type DAC Featherlite NSL 8.7mm & 9.0mm Anodised Aluminium

Patent-pending Tension Ridge Architecture creates class-leading usable space, height and climate control

Oversized Apex Vent efficiently expels hot air to prevent condensation build-up

Baseline and Apex Vents work together to create superior airflow and are easily adjusted from inside the tent

FairShare Storage System allows you to distribute weight evenly between friends or within your pack

Lightbar: tent pole bag doubles as a ceiling-mounted light-diffuser, when used in combination with your headlamp

Patent-pending and easy-to-use Quick Connect Tent Feet allow one-handed attachment and adjustments

Ultimate versatility with five set-up configurations: Dry Set-Up, Fly Only, Inner Only, Partial Fly, and Classic Mode

Large vestibule provides plenty of space to store gear and protect it from the elements

Tall-wide doors allow for comfortable access and expansive views outside for a more liveable interior

Silicone and Polyether Poly-Urethane (Sil-PeU) coated 15D fly fabric provides excellent hydrolytic stability for durable waterproof performance

1200mm waterhead fly and floor with fully-taped and waterproof seams

Ultra-lightweight 15D polyester high-airflow mesh for maximum ventilation and no-see-um insect protection

DAC Featherlite NFL and PRESSFIT pole sections with varying diameters for maximum strength at minimum weight

Strong 7075-T6 aluminium alloy Ground Control Light Tent Pegs provide secure anchoring thanks to the custom TriPoint, multi-notch design

Easily adjustable Ground Control Guy Cords with quick-connect V-Toggles can be attached or removed from multiple guy loops to suit wind conditions

Available accessories: Bigfoot Footprint, Lightfoot Footprint, Gear Loft, additional Ground Control Light Tent Pegs and Guy Cords

The 6” deep 15D nylon tub floor is rated to 1200mm hydrostatic head – ultralight, waterproof and durable.

Ultra-lightweight 15D polyester mesh inner for maximum ventilation. Its dark grey color provides excellent visibility.

Silicone / Polyether Polyurethane coated 15D nylon rainfly fabric provides long-lasting waterproof performance.

The poles of the Tension Ridge™ are swept upwards – not angled downwards as is common in tents. This raises the tent’s shape, providing significantly more livable space.

Apex Vent - at the highest point of the tent, this oversized vent efficiently expels warm air to prevent condensation and can be easily zipped shut from inside the tent.

Baseline Vents allow you to control airflow and effectively manage humidity and condensation in wet conditions without letting the rain in.

Quick Connect Foot is a beautifully designed, machined aluminum clip that attaches the pole and the inner foot with ease and is stronger than plastic buckles that can break.

Your tent is an investment, so make sure the zippers and coatings aren’t slowly being worn away by dirt and sand—or growing mold in your garage.


Check for damage on your tent poles, guy lines, groundsheets, zips and the rain fly. Don’t forget to check for holes in both the tent mesh and the fly. No one wants a leaky tent full of mosquitoes.

Before you patch any holes in your tent, check the repair guidelines from your tent’s manufacturer—different fabrics need different kinds of repairs.

If the fly is seam taped, it means that at least the inner surface is polyurethane-coated. PU-coated fabrics can be repaired with Gear Aid Seam Grip +WP. If the fly is not seam taped, the fabric may be siliconized, in which case small holes can be repaired with Gear Aid Seam Grip +SIL.

Small holes or tears on a mesh inner are usually a pretty easy fix. Any one of the following steps or a combination of the steps if the tear is larger or in a critical spot should work:

 Sew the hole closed by using a zig-zag stitch on a home sewing machine.

Apply some gear repair tape to one side of the mesh (don't forget to round the corners).

Glue the hole closed using Gear Aid Seam Grip + WP (do this carefully- Seam Grip will stick any two items together permanently).


Shake out excess dirt from your tent. Who knows what bacteria or parasites you might have packed up with you and taken home.

Clean off dried mud with a soft brush.

Spot clean with a damp sponge but don’t use detergent because it can affect the waterproof coating/finish of the fabric. Water and light elbow grease should be enough. Grangers makes a Tent + Gear cleaner that is perfect for spot-cleaning more stubborn marks.

Dry your tent. Well. Moisture is the enemy. If you put a wet tent back in its storage sack, mildew and mold are going to have a big, stinky party. The best thing to do is to put your tent up and let it dry in the sun in your yard.


Re-seal the seams if you spot signs of the seam tape delaminating.

If you see flaking of the coating of your rain fly or the floor of the tent, it could be time to refresh the polyurethane coating. Again, circle back to your tent manufacturer first—as different materials need different kinds of sealants.

Notice that water doesn't bead off the fly like it used to? Find a specially formulated DWR (durable waterproof repellent) spray and apply according to instructions (did we mention to check in first with your tent manufacturer?). Some of these also offer extra protection against UV damage.


Storing a tent damp can lead to hydrolysis. Essentially, this is when the PU coating breaks down and becomes sticky (the fabric may stick to itself as you unroll the tent). If you catch this early, you may be able to rescue the coating – beyond a certain point there is no way to fix it. To help avoid this, it’s important to store your tent bone dry and loosely packed somewhere it can air, rather than tightly stuffed in a compression bag or airtight container.


Sea to Summit Alto TR Tent Set-up Guide

The quick and easy way to set-up your Sea to Summit Alto TR tent.

Part Numbers

9327868140725 ATS2039-011 TEN361359073