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Sea to Summit Adaptor Coolmax Sleeping Bag Liner - Traveller

Sea to Summit Adaptor Coolmax Sleeping Bag Liner - Traveller
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Sea to Summit's Coolmax® Adaptor liner offered in the popular 'Traveller' rectangular shape with pillow insert.

The Adaptor™ COOLMAX® sleeping bag liner is an excellent versatile choice that adapts to varied temperatures and humidity.

The knitted COOLMAX® fabric is incredibly stretchy, super soft and luxuriously comfortable. It wicks moisture away from your skin, which helps keep you comfortable as temperatures rise and humidity increases, guaranteeing a great night’s sleep.

This sleeping bag liner is ideal for use on its own in warm, humid climates, or as a liner inside your sleeping bag as you transition across seasons.

A sleeping bag liner is imperative for keeping your sleeping bag clean and is easily washable.

Weight: 328g / 11.6oz
Dimensions: 225x92cm / 85x36"

Length: 226cm / 89 in

Width: 91.4cm / 36 in

Weight: 11.6 oz/328g

Color: Blue

All Sea to Summit sleeping liners are machine washable and require only your standard laundry detergent no special soaps/cleaners needed.


If you’re using a top-loader washing machine, place the liner in a pillowcase or laundry bag first to stop any cords being caught up in the impeller.


Steer clear of fabric softeners when cleaning your liner as they can affect the wicking properties of the material.


To dry your liner, it’s best to hang it on a washing line to air dry. Using a dryer could expose it to excessive heat, which can damage the fabric.


The Adaptor is Perfect For...

Backpackers traversing a wide scale of temperatures and humidity

Travelers who would like to ensure a hygienic sleep environment

Campers looking to reduce the clammy feel in their sleeping bag

Warm-Weather campers who don’t need a full sleeping bag


Other Liner Options

Add warmth to your sleeping bag with a  Reactor Liner

Weight-focused backpackers opt for the  Silk Mummy Liner


Which Sleeping Bag Liner Should I choose?

Part Numbers

9327868034574 9327868108619