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Salomon Sense Pro 5 Set Pack - Women's

Salomon Sense Pro 5 Set Pack - Women's
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We know that every second counts in a trail marathon and that comfort and convenience make all the difference. That’s why the minimalist SENSE PRO 5 for women is ultra-comfortable with no friction points and a really precise fit. With instant access to your trail essentials, you can push on further and faster.

Women-specific comfort

With no pressure points, an optimized women’s fit - more elastic, space around the chest and lower pockets - and soft mesh for managing moisture

Easy access

Grab your essentials in seconds with front flask pockets, secure pockets, a back compartment and tunnel pocket all around your body.

Precise fit

The SensiFit™ construction and soft stretch fabric keep the vest close to your body. For an optimized fit, check our Sizing Chart - if in doubt, go slightly larger.