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Salomon S/MAX Carbon Skate And Prolink Shift-IN

Salomon S/MAX Carbon Skate And Prolink Shift-IN
This item is currently not available.


Designed to take your efforts to the next level, and help you raise to any racing challenge no matter the snow conditions. It is delivered as a pack, just slide the Shift-In binding on the plate and go!

Stability and transmission
The THIN PLY carbon construction optimizes torsional rigidity for improved energy transmission during the kick, while the balanced camber adds stability during the glide.

The thin tip and tail, and D-Carbon core offer increased agility and ease of steering.

Customize Grip & Glide
While on your skis simply turn the shift-in button right for more edge grip, left for additional gliding sensations or keep it in the “0” position for the best of both worlds.

  • G5 Universal base

    World Cup base delivering maximum performance in universal conditions.

  • D-Carbon

    This ultra-light foam core is made with fiber glass laminate to provide you with an easy kick in classic and efficient transmission in skating.

  • Thin Ply Carbon

    The THIN PLY Carbon optimizes the ski’s torsion, creating stability and transmission in skating and stability and acceleration in classic.

  • World Cup Universal Grinding

    Developed in collaboration with our athletes, this extremely polyvalent grind provides you with the fastest glide available.

  • My Custom Ski

    Our high-quality production process enables you to select the exact ski you need based on your bodyweight.

  • 34 Universal

    Salomon's most polyvalent construction so far features a triangle thickness profile which improves acceleration, while the balanced camber adds stability to every stride.