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Road Runner Bags The Sleeper Bikepacking Saddle Bag

Road Runner Bags The Sleeper Bikepacking Saddle Bag
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Road Runner Bag's Bikepacking Saddle Bag is 100% handmade in the USA and features:
8.5L and Weatherproof
Stiff/No Sway Core
1000D Cordura Brand Material
Underside Skid Plate
12oz Dry Weight

Unrolled: 20" Fully Rolled: 10"
Height: 7"  Width: 4.5"
Volume: 8.5L
Weight: 12oz

Made of 1000D Cordura backed with Seam Taped Rip-Stop

Nylon Liner - waterproof baby!

This bag is a quick and easy install on any saddle and seat post.

1. Lightly attach the velcro seat post strap, then loop the buckles through your saddle rails. Now go back and adjust the seat post strap, so it is nice and snug. Now you can go back and tighten the saddle rail straps.

2. Closing the bag is just as easy: fold the sides and begin rolling the bag toward the saddle. Once you've compressed the bag, use the side release buckle to close the roll top. Lastly, pull the main compression strap up and buckle it closed, all while compressing and tightening the strap. You want the bag as compressed as possible to eliminate sway and sag. For best results, squeeze and pack your items inside the bag before compressing the roll top.