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Ortlieb Back-Roller City (Pair) - 40L

Ortlieb Back-Roller City (Pair) - 40L
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The Back-Roller City is an economical starter version with clear features and plenty of space for bike touring. With its symmetrical design and slanted shape on both sides, this classic Ortlieb bag provides enough space for pedaling, while also allowing individual use on either the left or right side of the bike.

The patented Ortlieb QL1 system allows fast and easy single-handed mounting and removal of the panniers, and is suitable for racks with a tube diameter up to 16 mm (hook inserts for diameters of 8 and 11mm are included).

  • Suitable for rack diameters up to 16m
  • 8 mm and 11 mm inserts included
  • Easy to clean

WEIGHT 2x 760 g | 26.8 oz

HEIGHT 42 cm | 16 inch

DEPTH 17 cm | 6 inch

VOLUME 2x 20 L | 1220.5 cu.inch

HEIGHT 42 cm | 16 inch

DEPTH 17 cm | 6 inch

The bags can be cleaned with water, mild soap and a soft nylon brush. You can use dishwashing liquid to remove grease stains. Just hang the bag to dry.

From Ortlieb:

ORTLIEB products have the reputation of being indestructible. A long product life is extremely important for evaluating the sustainability of products. Our promise is 100% waterproof: we give 5 years warranty from the date of purchase on materials and manufacturing. This is far longer than the legally regulated guarantee period. The extremely long life of ORTLIEB products (often more than 20 years) allows our customers to effectively save resources. Please find more about our guarantee services here.

From Bushtukah:

We guarantee the products we sell for the first year from the date of purchase. If a product is defective within this time frame we will replace it or give you a store credit, if a replacement cannot be found quickly.

This ensures that you will not be left without a crucial piece of clothing or equipment for a prolonged period of time. The shipping fee to return a product that is defective (via Canada Post regular shipping) will be paid by us as long as it is within Canada. Please note that the Bushtukah warranty on products does not cover excessive use, regular wear and tear or accidental damage.

It is important that products returned for warranty reasons are clean.  According to the manufacturer's standards. Bushtukah reserves the right to return any product, at the customer's expense (there and back), if this condition is not met.


Bag Type Rear
Volume 40L /2441 cu in (pair)
Compartments 1 per pannier
Material PD620, PS490
Attachment Type QL1 mounting system with straight lower hook rail
Weight 1520g / 53.6 oz (pair)
Waterproof Yes
Max Load 9kg / 20 lbs per pannier
Dimensions (cm) 42x23x17

* Subject to change without notice.