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NEMO Switchback Ultralight Sleeping Pad

NEMO Switchback Ultralight Sleeping Pad
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NEMO redefined the classic closed-cell foam sleeping pad to deliver more thickness and plush comfort in an industry-leading packed size. Switchback™ features hexagonal nodes, which are molded with our dual-density Axiotomic™ foam to create Hypnoelastic™ zones that conform to your body in a perfect balance of comfort and support.

Switchback™ also leverages a metalized thermal film layer to efficiently reflect heat back to your body. Blend that with 15% more heat-trapping space, this new innovative design is able to deliver a warmer, more comfortable sleep than other pads in this category.

    • Highly-efficient, hexagonal nesting pattern allocates more space for taller, wider nodes, providing significantly greater plushness.
    • More precise tooling eliminates wasted space between folded layers, enabling taller nodes to nest tighter for a smaller packed size.
    • Taller nodes create more space for uncompressed sleeping bag insulation, trapping more warmth around your body.
    • Premium dual-density Axiotomic™ foam offers a supple layer for comfort and a resilient layer for support.
    • Metalized thermal reflective film reflects heat back to your body and is protected by a durable film.
    • Axiotomic™ dual-density foam is optimized for well-balanced compression and abrasion resistance.
    • Extremely easy to use, delivers comfort and security on all types of adventuresfrom mountaineering, thru-hiking, or camping on a budget.
    • Folding panel design allows for lightning-fast, easy set up and packing.
    • Use as a standalone pad for ultralight durability and comfort or pair with another pad for extra insulation and comfort in extreme cold conditions.
    • Protected by the NEMO Lifetime Warranty.

Recommended Use Backpacking
Sleeping Pad Type Foam Pad
Sleeping pad Shape Rectangular
R-Value 2.0
Seasons Summer
Weight - Regular 415g / 14.5oz
Pad Thickness 2.29 cm / 0.9"
Dimensions - Regular 183 x 51 cm / 72 x 20"
Packed Size Regular 51x13x14cm / 20x5x5.5"
Whats Included N/A
NEMO Equipment offers a lifetime warranty on all gear. Warranty requests are considered for defects in product manufacturing. This warranty is granted to the original purchaser with a proof of purchase from a NEMO authorized dealer. NEMO does not warranty products against normal wear and tear, unauthorized modifications or alterations, improper use, improper maintenance, misuse or neglect, or if the product is used for a purpose for which it is not intended. Warrantied products will be replaced or repaired at NEMO’s discretion. A NEMO credit will only be given if the product is no longer available
Storing  After each trip, air dry your sleeping pad for at least 24 hours before storing. Avoid storing your sleeping pad for extended periods of time in its stuff sack, especially if there are open cell foam or insulation components. Over time, tightly compressed foam and insulation can lose its ability to rebound or insulate, and may be permanently compressed or creased. If possible, keep the product stored flat or otherwise, loosely rolled, uncompressed, and away from direct sunlight. Open the valves in foot pumps to allow the foam to expand. Do not store the sleeping pads inflated.
Washing To clean your sleeping pad, wipe down the surface with a wet and/or soapy cloth. Make sure to keep water out of the valves (keep valves closed) if necessary. Do not machine wash your pad.
Drying Do not machine dry your sleeping pad. Be sure to let your sleeping pad fully line-dry before storing in a cool, dry environment. Make sure to dry your sleeping pad away from direct sunlight as exposure to UV is harmful to the fabrics.
Repair For patching pads, you can use the included fabric patches. Cut the patch to fully cover the hole and round the edges of the patch to keep them from peeling up. Use an adhesive like McNett Seam Grip® to bond the patch to the pad.  Follow the adhesive manufacturer’s directions for application and curing time. You can also fix a leak using clear Tenacious Tape™ patches by Gear Aid™. Just clean the surface, let dry, and peel and stick on the patch. You’ll have a durable, nearly invisible repair that won’t leave behind a sticky residue like duct tape will.The micro-adjust valve can also be replaced if needed. Simply remove the old valve by holding the pad at the base of the valve seat, and use a pair of pliers to twist and pull the valve out. Put a thin layer of super glue or McNett Seam Grip® on the threads of the new valve and insert it into the valve seat. Let it cure according to the adhesive manufacturer’s directions.


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Part Numbers

814041019347 SLE455362689