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Mystery Ranch Forager Pocket

Mystery Ranch Forager Pocket
This item is currently not available.


The Forager Pocket provides rapid access to essentials like food, first aid kit, GPS or headlamp and can attach to either side of any MYSTERY RANCH waistbelt. It can also be slid onto a belt or securely attached to any MOLLE system providing multiple attachment possibilities. Available in Small and Large.


Weight: 0.1 kg

Volume:S: 0.8L, L: 1.0L



S: 12x19x6cm

L: 12x21x6cm



Weight:0.2 lb

Volume: S: 45 cu-ins, L: 60 cu-ins



S: 4.75"x7.5"x2.5"

L: 4.75"x8.25"x2.5"


How to Attach Accessories to a MYSTERY RANCH Backpack

If there’s a way to make a MYSTERY RANCH pack better, it’s by enhancing it—with accessories born of the same stringent standards to which we hold our packs. Customize your carry with straps, external pockets, and specialized pouches, or complete your field kit with a holster, scabbard, and bino harness. Either way, expect each item to be as strong and functional as the pack it complements.