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Mountain Hardwear Bozeman Sleeping Bag (-18C)

Mountain Hardwear Bozeman Sleeping Bag (-18C)
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After a night of driving through the Rockies to get to your destination, lay the backseats down, slide into your Bozeman™ Sleeping Bag (or two), turn your stuff sack inside out and into a fleece pillow, and start dreaming of frozen falls and swinging axes.
No matter your sleep style, there's a configuration to match. Even if you're going old-school, full-zip mode, you get a less-mummified mummy fit for roomy comfort that maximizes warmth. So, anyone can have a solid sleep experience and wake up refreshed and ready to rip.

Bag Type: Mummy
Bag Weight: 2479 kg / 5.46 lbs
Fill: Thermal.Q™ Recycled|80% Recycled Polyester, 20% Polyester
Compressed Volume: 19.43L

Contoured draft collar keeps warmth in and cold out

Anti-snag zipper for easy entry and exit

Comfort mummy cut efficiently maximizes warmth without constriction

Footbox follows natural foot position for comfort and thermal optimization

Micro fleece-lined stuff sack can be reversed and used as a pillow

Face gasket comfortably blocks drafts at hood opening

Single-handed draw cords adjust hood closure

Insulated draft tube with anti-snag panel prevents cold spots along zipper

Can zip together with a second bag to form a double

ThermalQ™ synthetic insulation maintains loft with maximal compressibility

Thermal.Q™ Recycled|80% Recycled Polyester, 20% Polyester

5 lb 7.4 oz / 2479 g

Approx. Weight*: 5 lb 7.4 oz / 2479 g

Bag Shape: Comfort Mummy

Bag Loft: 6" / 15 cm

Bag Stuffed Size: 12 in / 30 cm x 20 in / 51 cm

Bag Compressed Size Short: 1087 in3 / 17.81 L

Bag Compressed Size Regular: 1186 in3 / 19.43 L

Bag Compressed Size Long: 1284 in3 / 21.05 L

Inside Length Short: 80in/ 203cm

Inside Length Regular: 86in / 218cm

Inside Length Long: 92in / 234cm

Max User Height Short: Fits up to 68 in / 172 cm

Max User Height Regular: Fits up to 72 in / 182 cm

Max User Height Long: Fits up to 78 in / 198 cm

Bag Shoulder Girth: 62in / 157cm

Shoulder Girth Short: 58in / 147cm

Shoulder Girth Regular: 62in / 157cm

Shoulder Girth Long: 65in / 165cm

Bag Hip Girth: 62in / 157cm

Hip Girth Short: 53in / 135cm

Hip Girth Regular: 58in / 147cm

Hip Girth Long: 62in / 157cm

*Actual weight may vary. Approx. weight based on sleeping bag only. Weight does not include compression sack and storage sack weight.


75D Plain Weave Polyester

100% Polyester

Fabric Body: 75D Plain Weave Polyester

Insulation: Thermal.Q™ Recycled|80% Recycled Polyester, 20% Polyester

Bag Fill Type: Synthetic

Zip up all zippers, attach all Velcro, and turn the bag inside out.  Wash in a front-loading machine with cold water on the gentle or delicate setting.  We recommend that you use the minimum amount of cleaning agent and scrub the head and foot sections before washing the entire bag.  Use at least two rinse cycles to get all of the soap out of the garment.  For down, use a mild powder soap, or special down soap (available at outdoor product stores).  For synthetic bags, use a mild powder soap or special synthetic cleaning product.


Lift bags by carefully carrying them from the bottom when transporting from washer to dryer.  Tumble dry in a large commercial dryer on low heat; it's important that the dryer is large enough for the bag to flop freely around.  Drying takes several hours, and you should check your bag often to ensure it's not overheated.


As a down bag dries, look for clumps of wet down and shake the bag gently to redistribute the down.  Sometimes the down in the draft tube will need some gentle massaging during the drying cycle.  As a synthetic bag dries, check for even distribution of fill material.  Gently massage the bag if any bunching is detected.


Both our down and synthetic sleeping bags can be professionally washed.  Check the yellow pages under camping, backpacking, or mountaineering equipment for folks who specialize in cleaning outdoor products.  Your local retailer may also be able to refer you.  Never dry clean a Mountain Hardwear sleeping bag - the chemicals used are harmful to the fabrics and filling and will severly reduce loft and thermal efficiency.


Here's a list of no-no's for cleaning your sleeping bag:


Don't use a top-loading washing machine (agitator will destroy the baffles in the bag).

Don't use liquid soap or detergent, or a very strong soap or detergent.

Don't use your home dryer - they've been known to melt holes in fabric.

Do not lift your bag from one end when wet (lift the entire bag all at once from underneath).

Do not store in a stuff sack (use a larger storage sack which allows for air circulation).

Do not dry in the sun (the UV will damage the nylon).


Mountain Hardwear Bozeman™ Sleeping Bag