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Marker Alpinist 10 Alpine Touring Ski Bindings (w/o brake)

Marker Alpinist 10 Alpine Touring Ski Bindings (w/o brake)
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Super-light, ascent-oriented touring pin binding with ISI toe piece and great step-in comfort. Built for high alpine challenges.

This ultra-light pin binding (270 g w/o brake) offers active length compensation when the ski flexes and an impressive power transfer downhill due to a 38 mm drill pattern.

A carbon-reinforced toe provides great stiffness and comes with anti-ice pads and integrated elastomers for easy stepping in.

The heel features a climbing aid with 0°, 5° and 9° angles and can be quickly and easily switched between hike and ski mode.

Another useful feature is that the Alpinist allows a +/- 7.5 mm heel adjustment to suit various sole/boot lengths.


Alpinist heel with adjustable lateral release with different DIN options and 15mm of heel adjustment range (+-7,5mm). (fixed vertical release) 

Offers three walking modes thanks to the hot forged aluminium climbing aid.

The “Fast Shift Mode” enables quick shifting between neutral and highest walking mode.

The active length compensation in the heel allows consistent power transmission and release performance, even when the ski is flexed.”

Zero heel gap 


Neutral walking mode and two climbing aids offering 5° and 9°. The fast shift mode enables quick shifting between 0° and 9° without the need to rotate the heel.


Optional brake for MARKER ALPINIST. Improved usability on both brakes


Easy to install crampons for KINGPIN and Alpinist available in the sizes 80mm, 90mm, 105mm, 120mm


Active length compensation in the heel allowing the heel to move back up to 4 mm when the ski is flexed.


Rubber stop pad: Boot tip is aligned/stopped when stepping in.
Wider step-in platform: Enlarged contact area for boot sole when stepping in.
Easier step-in: Toe piece “snaps/clicks into the boot” with a lot less force required.


Best Use Lightweight and All Round Touring
Skill Level Advanced to Expert
Release Value 4-10
Skier Weight Up to 110kg (242lbs)
Boot Compatibility Tech Inserts Required
Binding Weight 540g / 1.19 lbs (per pair)
Heel Risers 0°, 5°, 9°
Brake Width Options optional (90; 105; 115 mm)
Toe ISI Toe
Heel Step-in ALPINSIT heel
Heel Adjust Range 15mm
Heel Elastic Travel 4mm
Stand Height 13mm
Crampon Ready Compatible with Kingpin / Alpinist Crampons
Warranty 3 Year Warranty

* Subject to change without notice.


Marker Alpinist

Alpinist Length Compensation