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Helinox Chair Two Camp Chair

Helinox Chair Two Camp Chair
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Delivering the optimal balance of packability and comfort, Chair Two easily travels from weekend camping trips to sunny days at a city park.

Chair Weight: 1.07 kg / 2 lbs. 6 oz.
Max Weight Capacity: 145 kg / 320 lb
Chair Seat Height off Ground: 34.3 cm / 13.5"

Assembled Packed
Height 33.5 in / 85 cm 4.5 in / 12 cm
Width 21.5 in / 55 cm 18 in / 46 cm
Depth 24 in / 61 cm
Weight 2 lbs. 6 oz. / 1.07 kg 2 lbs. 10 oz. / 1.18 kg
Capacity 320 lb / 145 kg
Warranty 5 years

Whats the Difference Between Chair Two and Sunset Chair?

Although these two chairs may seem similar at a glance, there are some key differences.

Chair Two is the lightest, most compact Helinox High-Back chair. It has a lower profile and tends to be most comfortable for people 5' 7" (179 cm) and under. It's a great mid-range option for adventure-seekers looking for a lightweight, tall back alternative to our Chair One.

The Helinox Sunset Chair sits higher off the ground and features a taller back, but at 3.4lbs it weighs a little more than Chair Two. Sunset's continues to be a fan favorite, and its straightforward design makes it both comfortable and packable.


How High off the Ground is Chair Two?

Chair Two is approximately 10 in (25 cm) off the ground. It sits closer to the ground than our other High-Back models—even the Helinox Chair One, but the lower profile helps keep overall weight down without sacrificing the support of an extended back and deeper seat.

For extra height, try the Sunset Chair or browse our other High-Back chairs.


How Does the Chair Headrest Work?

The high back on our Chair Two features a padded cross-bar that offers support for your head.

For added comfort, the carry bag can be filled with something soft, like a towel or jacket, and attached to the back for use as a neck pillow. Simply open the velcro flap on the bag and attach it to the matching velcro on the seat back. To up the comfort level even more, try our Air and Foam Headrest.


How do I clean my Chair’s Seat?

All Helinox chairs are built with high-quality, ultra-durable materials for long-term comfort and dependability. To keep your chair in top form after heavy use, some easy care is recommended. While seat covers and carry bags are not machine washable, they can be hand washed in warm water using a mild detergent. Just make sure fabric is completely dry before packing away for storage.


How do I assemble my Chair?

Assembling your Helinox chair is quick and easy. The shock-corded frame will virtually self-assemble – just be sure all the poles are fully inserted into the hubs. Always fit the seat to the upper rear poles first. Then, lay the chair on its back and use your body weight to flex the lower seat poles into the last two pockets. Brand new seats can be a little tight and the durable fabric helps prevent the seat from sagging over time. But don't worry, the more you use your chairs, the easier they'll be to assemble.

Seat Height*
Model CM IN
Chair One Mini 22.9 9.0
Beach Chair 26.7 10.5
Beach Chair XL 26.7 10.5
Chair Zero 27.9 11.0
Chair One 35.6 14.0
Chair Two  34.3 13.5
Chair Two Rocker 36.8 14.5
Chair One L 36.8 14.5
Swivel Chair 39.4 15.5
Sunset Chair 45.7 18.0
Sunset Chair XL 45.7 18.0
Chair One XL 47.0 18.5
*Seat Height is the distance from the seat of the chair to the ground