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Fritschi Vipec Evo 12 Alpine Touring Ski Bindings

Fritschi Vipec Evo 12 Alpine Touring Ski Bindings
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With an improved step-in function that makes for even smoother in-and-out, the new Vipec Evo 12 still includes the hallmarks of the original: a pre-defined safety release in the front, easy switch toe, and an ultra-light construction.

The mechanics have been retooled and improved for better handling in variable terrain. Nimble for the uphill and burly for the downhill, the Vipec Evo 12 is perfect for the dedicated backcountry skier who values lightweight, yet reliable equipment.

DIN: 5-12
Weight (Pair): 1.26kg / 2.77lbs

  • DIN 5-12
  • Lateral front release with DIN setting and 13 mm of elasticity
  • Emergency release when climbing
  • New easy step-in
  • Solid, non-turning heel

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