Bushtukah *SOLD OUT* 11th Annual Bushtukah S.W.E.E.T Event - Ticket

Bushtukah *SOLD OUT* 11th Annual Bushtukah S.W.E.E.T Event - Ticket
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**Thank you for your interest in our 2018 S.W.E.E.T event. Due to high demand, the event is currently sold out.**

Bushtukah’s 11th Annual S.W.E.E.T Women’s Event
Sunday April 8th from 6:15pm to 9:30pm at our 203 Richmond Road location. This year's tickets are now over half sold.

What is S.W.E.E.T?

The Sporty Women Encouraging and Empowering Together (SWEET) night is all about inspiring women of all ages and abilities to get active. We have inspiring guest speakers, a short fashion show, local experts to chat with, sweet treats, awesome door prizes and we send everyone home with a loot bag! This is a women’s event so all of the experts, speakers and staff are women. This year’s speakers will be Carole Woodstock and Treena Grevatt.

At the start of the evening you will get an opportunity to walk around the store and speak to the invited experts. They represent a wide assortment of activities including: swimming, running, triathlon, race walking, orienteering, road biking, mountain biking, and more. Then it's on with the stage show.

This event has grown phenomenally over the years! We have gone from a small group of enthusiastic women to a huge group of enthusiastic women and WE LOVE IT! In order to ensure that everyone continued to enjoy a great experience at SWEET we started selling tickets in 2014. The tickets are $10.00 each and 100% of the money collected from ticket sales (yes $10 of the $10) is donated to charity. This year's charity will be Cornerstone Housing for Women! Their website is www.cornerstonewomen.ca