Backpacker's Pantry PAD SEE YOU WITH CHICKEN

Backpacker's Pantry PAD SEE YOU WITH CHICKEN
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Traditional Thai noodle dish with soy sauce, broccoli, garlic and chicken.
Serves 2.

Directions: Remove oil packet, add boiling water to submerge the noodles, seal, and let sit for 13 minutes. Stir in the contents of the oil packet and serve.

Contains soybeans, and may contain traces of peanuts and tree nuts.

Ingredients: rice noodle (rice flour and water), sauce (tamari soy sauce (soybeans, salt), maltodextrin, salt), maltodextrin and salt), sugar, garlic, corn starch, pepper), chicken (cooked, diced and freeze-dried), broccoli, organic extra virgin olive oil.

Part Numbers

048143023104 BAC34209443N