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Atlas Mini 17 Jr

Atlas Mini 17 Jr
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With the fun Atlas snowflake footprints left in the snow with each step, the Mini snowshoes are the perfect tools to instill a love of snowshoeing at a young age and groom the next generation of winter adventurers. The easy-to-use Grom binding delivers a comfortable, secure fit and the binding’s easy to use heel strap design means parents spend less time kneeling in the snow.

Kids Molded V-Frame™:

The Molded V-Frame™ decks provide stability and durability for snowy play, with the functionality and effortless stride of an adult V-Frame™ shape.

Grom Binding:

Simple and intuitive, the EVA foam tongue and the soft molded base of the Grom binding cradle the foot, providing warmth, smoothing pressure points and eliminating confusing straps.

Kids Toe Crampon:

Heel Cleat:

tech icons HEEL CLEAT
Our first patent, the Atlas Heel Cleat revolutionized snowshoe performance and created an industry standard, adding traction and stability for climbing, descending and traversing varied terrain.

Rotating Toe Cord:

The steel rotating toe cord offers a durable attachment for the Sprout 17 and Mini 17 snowshoes.

Mini 17" 30 - 80 lbs
Spark 20" 50 - 120 lbs
*Load = User's Bodyweight + Gear

Part Numbers

886745884323 SNO429846701