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Amp Human Amp Human PR Lotion - 10.6oz

Amp Human Amp Human PR Lotion - 10.6oz
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PR Lotion helps you maximize your workout, do more of what you love, and come back strong the next day–by neutralizing acid in your muscles with bicarb.

- Combines bicarb with patented absorption technology to send bicarb where you need it most–your muscles
- Bicarb neutralizes acid created by your muscles as a by-product when you workout, reducing the chemical stress in your muscles which helps prevent soreness
- Clean sport compliant - Tested under the Informed-Choice and Informed-Sport programs
- Proudly made in the USA and cleared by the FDA

How Does Bicarb Work? Alkalinization prevents one of multiple causes of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Intense exercise produces free radicals that cause muscle damage and inflammation which leads to soreness. Alkalinization with bicarb reduces free radical release, thus reducing muscle soreness in the days after intense efforts.

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