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Adventure Medical Kits Mountain Explorer Medical Kit

Adventure Medical Kits Mountain Explorer Medical Kit
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Comprehensive yet compact, the Explorer is the ideal backpacking first aid kit for families or small groups headed out on a week-long adventure. This medical kit contains an abundance of first aid supplies to treat injuries and illnesses on extended camping or hiking trips. Hospital-quality supplies like wound closure strips and a CPR face shield let you treat blisters, close wounds, and administer CPR. A variety of medications let you manage everything from pain to allergies, while the single-use thermometer lets you monitor fevers. First aid hiking essentials are organized by injury into clearly-labeled pockets using the Easy Care™ organization system, making it easy for anyone in your group to provide fast and effective first aid. The water-resistant medical bag features semi-transparent pockets to keep the contents safe and easy to access for your whole trip. Add the Mountain Explorer kit to your backpacking gear to keep you and your group safe wherever your journey takes you.

Wilderness & Travel Medicine: A Comprehensive Guide

Know how to provide life-saving medical care. Written by wilderness medicine expert Eric A. Weiss, MD, this book includes over 50 improvised techniques and 100 illustrations for treating outdoor injuries and illnesses.

Find it Fast Design

Find supplies quickly using the external kit map for fast reference of all kit contents and the Easy Care First Aid® System, which organizes contents by injury into clearly-labeled pockets.

Trauma Supplies

Administer CPR safely with the face shield, and stop bleeding quickly using the trauma pad. Stabilize sprains and strains with the elastic and triangular bandages so you can hike out safely.

Major Wound Care

Clean and close hiking injuries with supplies that set the standard in backcountry medicine, including an irrigation syringe, wound closure strips, tincture of benzoin, and EMT shears.

Backcountry Medications

Provide relief from allergies, pain, fevers, and upset stomachs with a variety of medications. The single-use thermometer lets you accurately assess fevers.

Blister Prevention & Protection

"Stop blisters before they start with moleskin, the most reliable dressing to reduce friction and prevent the hiker's #1 injury. The 14 die-cut pieces are shaped to fit common problem areas."

8.5" x 4" x 6.5"
Weight: 1.4 lbs
Group Size: 1 - 4 People
Trip Duration: 1 - 7 Days
Item #: 0100-1005

Cuts & Scrapes

5 – Easy Access Bandages®, 1" x 3" Fabric

5 – Easy Access Bandages®, Knuckle Fabric

6 – Antiseptic Wipe

2 – Triple Antibiotic Ointment

4 – Alcohol Swab

1 – Tincture of Benzoin


Instruction / Instrument

1 – Wilderness & Travel Medicine: A Comprehensive Guide

3 – Single Use Thermometer

1 – CPR Face Shield

1 – EMT Shears, 4"

1 – Duct Tape, 2" x 2.5 yd.

1 – Splinter Picker/Tick Remover Forceps

3 – Safety Pin

1 – Patient Assessment Form

1 – Pencil

1 – Register Your Kit Card



3 – After Bite® Sting & Bite Relief Wipe

2 – Diamode (Loperamide HCI 2 mg.), 2 Pkg./1

6 – Aspirin (325 mg.), 3 Pkg./2

3 – Antihistamine (Diphenhydramine 25 mg.), 3 Pkg./1

8 – Ibuprofen (200 mg.), 4 Pkg./2

8 – Acetaminophen (500 mg.), 4 Pkg./2


Stop Bleeding Fast

1 – Trauma Pad, 5” x 9”

4 – Nitrile Glove

1 – Triangular Bandage

Wound Care / Blister / Burn

1 – Wound Irrigation Tool, 20cc. with 18 Gauge Tip

10 – Wound Closure Strip, 1/4" x 4"

4 – Sterile Gauze Dressing, 4" x 4"

4 – Sterile Gauze Dressing, 2" x 2"

2 – Sterile Non-Adherent Dressing, 3" x 4"

1 – Elastic Bandage with Hook & Loop Closure, 3"

2 – Conforming Gauze Bandage, 3"

1 – Tape, 1" x 10 yd.

14 – Moleskin, Pre-Cut & Shaped Pieces

2 – Cotton Tip Applicator

AMK reserves the right to add, substitute, or delete items if necessary

Please note: Some medications may not be available in products sold outside of the US, additional items may be substituted.


AMK Mountain Series - Explorer

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