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Wax Removers & Care Products

Toko Eco Skin Proof
Skin impregnation. Ecological impregnation for skin skis/touring ski skins. Ecological protection against water. Application and properties: Ideal for skin skis/touring ski skins Highly effective due to the latest research findings Makes the skins water-repellent PFC free Biodegradable
$25.00 - $70.00
Swix brushes are designed for brushing wax out of the structures (base patterns) in ski bases and snowboards after you have used the plexi scraper: They should be used in one direction, from tip to tail. There is a wide selection of Swix brushes. They are made at different price levels with different qualities depending whether you are in the sport/recreational catagory or into high level racing having to do many skis or boars in a short time.
Swix Skin Care Spray XC
Maintains and improves integrated skins.
Swix Skin Care XC
SWIX Skin Care is developed to protect integrated skins from icing and to improve the glide properties. The risk of icing is in particular present around zero when the snow is changing from wet to dry. In these conditions the Skin Care works as an impregnation preventing the ice from building up. The skin’s glide properties is improved in all conditions as the Skin Care reduces the friction between the skin and the snow. To be used before skiing: Spray Skin Care on the skin. Rub in gently using paper in a tip to tail direction.
Swix Skin Cleaner XC
wix skin cleaner is especially made to clean skins from wax leftovers and dirt that may gather in the skin, without damaging the adhesive holding the skin in place. Cleaning the skin reguarly will restore the skin properties and help your skis performing efficiently.
Swix T86 Scraper
$7.50 - $8.00
Nikwax Ski Skin Proof 125ml
Sponge-on waterproofing for Ski Skins Repels water, stops saturation, reduces kick, improves glide
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