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Travel Comfort

Eagle Creek Easy Blink Eyeshade
$8.96 $11.95 25% Off
-An eyeshade with curved shaping for blink-ability and maximum eye comfort -Lights Out coverage -Comfortable adjustable elastic strap for a perfect fit -Washable
Eagle Creek Rain Away Travel Umbrella
$24.71 $32.95 25% Off
Protect yourself from rain or sun with this handy compact, ultra lightweight travel umbrella. It stows into a handy pouch when not in use. This is a favourite travel essential.
Eagle Creek Sandman Eyeshade
$14.96 $19.95 25% Off
If you want a good night’s sleep, the Sandman Eye Shade mask from Eagle Creek is the answer. It’s great for use at home and on the road. The luxurious fleece feel soft against your face and the moisture-wicking nose cushion lets your skin breathe. DETAILS & FEATURES: Ultra-soft fleece feels like you aren’t wearing a mask at all Lights out coverage helps to create an optimal sleep environment Comfortable adjustable elastic strap for a perfect fit Features a pocket for storing your earplugs (not included) Washable.
Eagle Creek Travel Ear Plugs
$7.46 $9.95 25% Off
You want what everyone wants on a long trip: Peace and quiet. Put in a pair of these super soft earplugs and get some shut-eye. Being well-rested is a requirement for any enjoyable journey. Bring these on long trips... then bring them home and sleep better every night without nighttime disruptions. DETAILS & FEATURES: Six washable and re-usable foam ear plugs constructed to maximize comfort and sound blockage Re-usable container Noise Reduction Rating of 32dB PRODUCT SPECIFICATION: MATERIAL: Urethane Foam
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